WordPress for Designers: Day 7

Welcome to Wordpress for Designers Day 7! We’re moving right along with our custom Wordpress theme today and will be creating a few more files from scratch. We will also finish making our sidebar completely widget ready and have a look at what that means and how it works. Get your text editor and local server ready and let’s go!

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Day 7: Widgetize!

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  • chris says:

    Thanks for the series, I am really enjoying it. I wonder if you are aware of the php shorthand for adding simple values inline? Instead of one can use makes for typing 3 less chars each time you make a php method call.

  • trikkky says:

    i m enjoying the series, its just great,
    thanks alot.

  • Daniel Markwig says:

    Really love this series … keep up the great work!

  • Brenelz says:

    Excellent once again Drew…

  • Pete says:

    Very nice. Loving this series.

    How would you go about adding a home button in the top nav?

  • Wuiqed says:

    Excellent work Drew, very pedagogic! You mentioned you’re getting to comments soon, may I suggest you show how to make an author’s comments stand out (with maybe a different background or some other sort of clear identifier)? I’m sure it’s something a lot of people wants to know (I know I spent a whole lot of time figuring out how to do it).

    Again, good job!

  • Adeline says:

    Great job Drew, looking forward to your tut on wp comments and i’m hangin’ out for your what your PSD will look like :)

  • Hassan says:

    Hey ! Drew.

    Just a suggestion .

    Under the “Resources you may enjoy”

    Those links should open up another page. I think that would be better. As i click there and i want to navigate back to the page. So i think it would be nice if you make it open another page? What you think?

  • Hassan says:

    Woops! I wrote you may enjoy but its “You may find helpful”

  • Zach LeBar says:

    Drew…im really loving this series. It’s the highlight of my feed reading. I can’t wait to see what the design of the site’s going to be. I’m working on my own site at present, building it using WP, and am really learning a lot from you.

    I also wanted to mention, to whoever runs the iTunes podcast feed, it seems to be malfunctioning. I keep getting an error message saying the podcast files are corrupted. Both the WP for Designers – Day 7, and the jQuery Plug-in Tut have these errors. I thought I’d let you know, as the podcast feed is my preferred way of watching your screencasts.

  • Mike Dedmon says:

    A quick tip for viewing these videos. I want full screen, but I hate how it drops out if you press a key or click the mouse. After some experimenting, I discovered that the embedded flash videos will zoom with the browser (at least in firefox). So, I just zoom the video to fill the screen on one monitor while I follow along on my second monitor. Full screen all the time. Awesome.

    I thought maybe some others could make use of this.

  • Mike says:

    That’s nice, but for seo purposes it should be:

    “Title of the Post | Site Name” and not “Site Name | Title of the Post”.

  • shin says:

    Thanks Drew.
    I wonder if WP can show sub-menu items in the top navigation. Showing Level 1, 2 etc with drop-down menu.

  • good tip Mike Dedmon.

    And keep up the “Best” work Drew

  • Mark says:

    Drew, thanks for a great and easy to understand series, I have one problem that I can’t seem to figure out, the link for the blog title seems to link back to the post or page it’s on rather than back to the home page, is this a setting somewhere in the admin. Thanks in advance. Mark.

  • I think Wordpress is just great for blogging and as a CMS, then you visit other blogs and other websites that talk about web design and you find that it is also a good platform for simple e-commerce. I have a question that might sound a bit silly, but….. Where do you see Wordpress not fitting in? what kind of site you think you would keep away from using it?

    Thanks again for the great tutorials!!!!

  • Pete says:

    Is it possible making these screencasts downloadable? Maybe upload it to megupload/mediafire etc if it’s tight with space.

  • Peng says:

    Loving it! Keep it up.

  • Jonathan Powell says:

    Drew thanks for this wonderful tutorial! Your doing a fantastic job.

    As a fellow Coda user, I was wondering how you felt about the “Clips” feature and how that might be used to speed up the development of WP sites.

    For instance, I put this:

    <?php edit_post_link(‘Edit this page…’, ‘‘, ‘‘); ?>

    Page not found!

    into a loop clip and then I just pull out what is not needed.

    Are there other instances where this might come in handy?

  • Jonathan Powell says:

    Sorry I should have done a little more research before bugging you. To anyone’s who’s interested here’s a great resource for Coda users:


  • Hernan says:

    this is a great series … thank you so much

  • Tsalagi says:

    Drew. This is a great searies! Fits perfect with my php studies. Just a tip for those that code while viewing a screencast and don’t like that you have to exit full-screen mode to get to your code. Use “ctrl”+”+” to zoom into the screen cast. This has allowed me to tab between my coding, notes and debugging.

  • Mgt says:

    Drew thanks so much for the series! REALLY informative, interesting and easy to follow. Ive been following from the beginning and always wait for the next installment. All of the Themeforest screencasts have the same high quality.

    For those who like me can.t always watch online (too much work to do at work!) and want great fullscreen control, this i what ive done:

    1) Let the screencast play in the background while i work
    2) Use (free) VideoCacheView (http://videocacheview.en.softonic.com/) to grab the video from the cache (Firefox AND iE) and save the FLV
    3) Take the FLV home and watch it with the JW Desktop Player (http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-desktop-player/)

    thanks again Themeforest.net !

  • ilias says:

    Awesome series!

    When you’re going to tackle comments is it possible to show us how to make it possible to reply to another comment and how to edit comment.
    2 features I miss on the envato-sites

  • Jeffrey says:

    @Mgt – Or you can open iTunes and search for NETTUTS. You can download them much easier that way!

  • Hassan Ijaz says:


    When is the next day coming out? And could you tell me the sequence of the video producing please?

  • These series are getting better and better but this episode was kinda slow in my opinion, I mean I know you say you don’t want to bloat anyone with tons of stuff (we are computer geeks, we will survive) but seriously you only introduced like 4 template tags and things like the loop were already introduced before.

    Besides that, you are going great. I am looking forward the whole thing together. I will compile it and put it on a DVD to watch in my living room big screen.

  • diezko says:

    @Pete , @Mgt :
    in Firefox url bar type this: about:cache
    and search .flv

    i have a question or Sidebar or Widget?
    i want both, what can i do?

    keep going please!

  • Brian says:

    Really appreciate the tuts!!! Thanks!

    Have a question on this 7th screencast.

    What if you dont want an Edit this post link to appear on a certain page, say on the contact page? How is that done :)

    Thanks again!

  • Phil says:


    what a great tutorial. There is only one thing that is not to my full satisfaction :-) and that is that you don’t link back to the start of the series in several articles. It took me quite some time to find part 1.

  • Elektric says:

    Will you discuss the topic of an image gallery? It’s something that I think a lot of people will find very interesting. A dynamic image gallery in Wordpress.

  • John Dangerous says:

    Love this series. I have to admit though, I know nothing about RSS. I can’t figure out how to filter the content that I want into the stream. I have a mashup of different things in my stram that I dont want.

  • webdiva3000 says:

    Great tutorial! Thank you very much! Definitely takes the relieves some of the head scratching I do battling with PHP :-) We eagerly await the next tutorials….

  • jose says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you Drew

    very good!!!!!!!

  • Angel says:

    Thank you!

  • Tsalagi says:

    Hey Drew. Thanks for the previous screen casts. Were they teasers? Will we get more? Hungry for knowlege here.

  • CgBaran Tuts says:

    Another excellent screencast!! thankss

  • ebflute says:

    Waiting for the next screencast in the series!! These are great.

  • ac says:

    Hi Drew, just started going through these screencasts, and they’ve been very helpful. Noticing it has been awhile since day 7, so, hoping the series goes further! =)

    Great job so far!

  • Kerrick says:

    Great series! I just found it and went through the first seven videos over the past few days, then I noticed it’s been a while since your last one. You haven’t forgotten about us have you? ;-)

  • Bring it Drew … Day 8 , we’re ready!

  • charlie says:

    Hi Drew,

    These videos have really helped my knowledge for wordpress tremendously. One quick question is there a way to turn off the wordwrap on the Admin text editor?



  • Ruben says:

    Hi everyone,

    Congratulations for this series!

    I have a question regarding the widgetized sidebar. Is there any good way to style a widgetized sidebar ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • patrick says:

    Really appreciate these tuts but its been forever, are we not getting anymore of these? dont leave us hangin.

  • frank says:

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