WordPress for Designers: Day 4

Day 4 is here, and we’re jumping right back into creating our Wordpress theme from scratch! In this episode, we will have our first look at what is known as the Wordpress loop. We will be using the WordPress loop as well as some handy template tags to start pulling out and displaying content from our database. Lets get started!

Day 4: The WordPress Loop

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Want More?

If you would like to read more about working with the Wordpress loop I encourage you to check out the wordpress documentation on the loop.

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  • Pikatzu says:

    I’d like to think your joking about that wallpaper LOL. Useful screencast tho

  • Biljana says:

    Thanks, guys, fantastic videos. Keep on with the good work. I found it very useful. Thx, again.

  • Amazing stuff in this series !!!

    Keep up the good woek :]

  • Guido says:

    can’t load this video!! :) loved the first 3 ones! so i really wanna continue :D

  • Jaleel says:

    I just wanted to say, thank you so much for the video tutorials! I’m a Photographer without a true web presence and I thought it would be best to make my own theme.

    I can’t believe how easy you have made things for me with just getting started. Thanks again!

    Jaleel King

  • Nick says:


    I can´t get the posts to show on my site! I have checked the code a million times but it just doesn´t show the posts, what should I do??? I am sure the code is right… All the other php code works fine so far but not when it comes to getting the posts – it doesn’t make sense to me. I followed the video exactly… Any help please?!?!?

  • Graeme says:

    I am loving this series!!!! I am new to themeforest and I can’t get over all the useful tutorials, definitly the best on the net. The problem is I now have to find the time to watch them all!!!!

    Keep up the good work Doug!

  • Rick says:

    To those who were having trouble getting their posts to show up:
    I had this problem too. I double and triple checked my php and couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I wasn’t looking too hard at my html, though, because it turned out I hadn’t closed my first comment tag, duh. Dreamweaver still colors the php like it’s not a comment, and firebug doesn’t show the comments, so I wasn’t seeing that the results of the php were showing up as comments! Anyway, maybe you had a different, if similarly inane, problem, but if you haven’t checked that, check it now!

  • Jaysone says:

    What is the difference when using bloginfo(‘url’); and get_option(‘home’); ?

  • Daan says:

    @Jaysone, in the admin panel, you can set your homepage. If this is not the blog, you’ll have a different url when using get_option(‘home’); (at least, this is waht I think it is)