WordPress for Designers: Day 2

Before diving straight in and developing a WordPress theme, it is vital that we understand the basics and have a solid foundation to begin our theme development. Today, we are going to examine the wordpress admin panel and explore some of the features.

Day 2: The Admin Panel

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  • Lukas Orgovan says:

    Hi, is there any chance that you will announce who won in contest for the rockstar book?

  • Devin says:

    Hey very nice, I also learned some stuff from the book too. Keep these tuts coming

  • Jeffrey says:

    @Lukas – The winners have already been notified via email. Sorry. :(

  • Darren says:

    Really nice screen cast, can’t wait for the rest.


  • “yeah thats how wordpress talks. Hey wordpress!” Rofl.

  • Vlas says:

    Thanks for those screencast are really usefull

    One question, if i want put the wordpress local, but for more than 1 domain, what i do? install the WP each time or is an option for work with one instalation and differents Database?

    i hope you understand what i asking for XD

    Thanks again

  • Jeffrey says:

    Wow – no comments about the AOL background. I guess I’m just a nerd, because it really made me laugh.

  • Derek says:

    I was just about to post something about AOL. Is that “product placement”?

  • Jeffrey says:

    @Derek – No. These are things called jokes.

  • Scott says:

    First off, I love the series so far and can’t wait till the “meat” of the series gets here.

    I really need to know, though: where are you from? I’m assuming your way of pronouncing words is regional, or else your friends would be giving you crap about it all the time! “Apache” and “archives” were the most notable odd pronunciations.

    –said tongue-in-cheek – if that’s all someone can “complain” about from your series, you’re doing something right! ;)

  • @Scott-I knew someone would say something about that. Actually, I am from Missouri, but I do get crap from my friends about saying certain words strangely, I always have just had a bit of a strange (and often incorrect to most) way of pronouncing things. I had a good laugh at myself when I listened and heard ‘archives’ I have always said it like that ever since Goldeneye 007 came out for 64 :)

    FYI, I also sound weird when I say ‘Honest’ ‘Soggy’ or ‘Sword’, don’t know why just always have.

    No worries Scott, I appreciate your kind words and I had a nice laugh at myself as well :)


    You will need to duplicate the wordpress folder and rename it each time. You can use your same database table if you open up wp-config.php and change the wp_prefix for each wordpress installation. Take a look at wp-config.php after the unique key section and you should see what I mean. You will be editing this line for multiple installs on one database:
    $table_prefix = ‘wp_’;

  • Wassim says:

    “What is a POST and what is a PAGE?”.. Reminds me of the “What is a NODE?” in Drupal :-)

  • Wassim says:

    Anybody familiar with Nodes here?

  • Wassim says:


    I knew it :-)

  • deyon says:

    aol lol lol omg that was funny.

  • Symplicity00 says:

    Great step-by-step tutorial for novices like me, thanks :)
    And I thought you were doing some ads for AOL, haha:D

  • Matthias says:

    Um. Bow down to the all mighty AOL?

  • ilias says:

    Thanks for these screencast!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Dave says:

    Looking forward to the next screencast

  • Dan says:

    I don’t happen to have digg, delicious or other accounts..

    but I’ll tell you what, guys. I loved the jQuery vids, and wordpress is just what I need, since I’m learning everything from scratch.

    I’ll sign up just to digg/bookmark you guys. I very much appreciate what you do.

  • TJ says:

    Why designers and not developers? :)

    What about for those of us who have little to no artistic talent and just want to make clean, accessible, and quick-loading web pages?

    Ha, just kidding. Great screencast. I hope I can take a little away from it for when I start making screencasts myself (I’m still looking into entering the latest competition).


    PS: Drew, have you ever tried working with the TextMate text editor instead of Coda? If so, what makes you like Coda better? (I’m just wondering, please excuse my curiosity)

  • Nate says:

    Very useful, very low sound. Had to crank up my volume to dangerously high volumes.

  • AOL 4 Life … funny.

  • Drew says:

    @TJ- I have tried TextMate but still am stuck on Coda. I don’t know how to say why as they both do the same thing, but Coda just seems to really ‘fit’ and integrate perfectly for me. I have always just found it to work for me better than the others :)

    @Nate-Glad you found it useful, sorry about the audio. I ordered a nice Mic/headset for this series so it should be here by Day 3.

  • Paul says:

    Edit -> Preferences -> Code Hints -> Never

  • Paul says:

    Woops posted in the wrong blog post, sorry.

  • P-nut says:

    Nice job man! Good step by step instructions , I could actually keep up. (BTW you sound a little like kermit the frog so next time i need you to say “Hello everybody Kermit the frog here” in a lil’ high pitch)

  • Owen says:

    Ok I think this is going to sound REALLY dumb, but I did the first screencast when it came out, now when I go to log-in I have no idea what that password was. Is there a way I can find it?

  • Morgan says:

    This series is great so far. I have never used wordpress before, but I’ve been meaning to try it out for a while and this series gave me the push I needed. Jumped ahead of the screencasts a bit using a tutorial over at NETTUTS, hope you can build on that and teach us even more. Looking forward to day 3!

  • ThaClown says:

    LOL “Hey WordPress get the Header.php” that really IS how WordPress talks!

    Very funny man

  • Crypta says:

    Nice job! I am new to Wordpress and I already like it! Keep that good work!

  • Erplav says:

    Wow, This is awesome but where is day 1?

  • Matt says:

    At the beginning, when you were explaining how to get the different LAMP stacks for various platforms, such as Windows and Linux, it would have been nice to direct the Linux users to their package managers (they know where they are) and told them to look for “LAMP” and install it. Once installed, all the stack applications will then be updated automatically by the package manager and preconfigured for use. Bonus points to those distributions that will still provide support for the lamp stack provided in the package repositories.

    This might be a much better solution for Linux users, as it’s easier, supported, and guaranteed.

  • Norman says:

    Let me win the book please, great work

  • xinfuweng says:

    Oh !
    Very much regret that we should not visit the website(blip.tv) here.

  • Jaysone says:

    Thank you so much. Could someone point me towards Wordpress for Designers: Day 1.


  • CgBaran Tuts says:

    Great screencast thanks

  • Denzil Rowe says:

    Where is Day 1?

  • Garrett says:

    @ Owen

    You can go into PhpMyAdmin, edit the SA’s password field, open the list to the side ans select MD5. this will convert your entered password to MD5 (hash that Wordpress will use to “secure” your password.

  • Pamela says:


    I just want to say that this will be a great help when I set-up my wordpress in the future.. that is when I find the time to do so.

    I hope you continue to make these video tutorials for free. It really is such a great help for many people. ;D I’ll be sure to credit you when I complete my wordpress. xD


  • Pamela says:

    By the way, I want to ask if we write an article offline, will it be shown on our page online automatically? Or do we have to write our articles online for it to be shown in public? Thanks.

  • Jana says:

    I can’t find wordpress day 1. :( Can someone link please

  • kd says:

    Could someone please tell me where is WordPress day 1? Thanks!

  • Cintia says:

    Where is the link for the WordPress for Designers Day 1?

  • tourist book says:

    as for me these tutorials very useful.thanks for all.

  • fredder says:

    find day 1 here: in url replace *wordpress/wordpress-for-designers-day-2/* with *screencasts/new-wp-video-series-and-free-rockstar-book/*


  • Keith D says:

    Thanks fredder – I spent 20 mins looking for the day 1 video.

    I’m so new to Wordpress that I actually need day 1.

    Series looks great Drew… thanks for helping us all out.

  • Tom says:

    Nice Video thx for that great work!

  • Alastair Leith says:

    Nice work man. Just always gets me when people say Legos – in my country that’s a brand of tomatoe paste. The plural or Lego is, you guessed it: Lego


  • ezgi says:

    i m watching all tutorials.this is very funnyespecially for new wordpress user.thanks.