WordPress for Designers: Day 11

After a short break, we are back! Today is a big day as we continue on with our “WordPress for Designers” series and introduce the .psd that we will be converting. Join us as we get to know the ins and outs of the design we are working with and the basics of getting our images out of the .psd and ready for the web.

Day 11: The PSD

PSD Links and Sources

A special thanks to Joefrey Mahusay for letting us work with his .psd theme to continue on our Wordpress series!

Please Note

Please take some time to answer the questions asked towards the end of the screencast above. Would you like to go from slicing our images into an HTML theme and then into Wordpress? Or would you like to dive straight from slicing into Wordpress? In addition, any comments or suggestions are always welcome and wanted!

Stay Tuned!

In day 12 we will get familiar with slicing our images and splitting them up as we prepare to use them in our final Wordpress theme!


  • Denzil Rowe says:

    These tutorials are great! But why cant I find Days 5, 3, & 1?

  • DRhodes says:

    My vote is for PSD to HTML to Wordpress. I only vote this way because I know many people like myself have current html templates or sites ready that they would love to convert to Wordpress.

    As far as the slider goes, I guess I would like to maybe see a demo on how to put in a pre-existing plugin as well as how to build one from scratch.

    This series has been great for me, as I’ve setup a few wordpress sites, but always had to hack around in an existing template to make it fit my needs. By the end of this series I hope to be able to create a theme completely from scratch. Thanks for everything so far, I’m very excited for the rest of the series!!!

  • Pancha says:

    Great, thank you for this tutorial:) From my side it’s PSD -> HTML and then wordpress.

  • David says:

    I’d like to see how to slice the PSD down and then straight to WordPress.

    Can’t wait for the tut!

  • Thanks everyone for all the wonderful replies and answers to my questions. It seems that most of you would like to go straight to Wordpress, so I think that is what we will do. For those who wanted to go to HTML first, I will be sure to leave some links to some tutorials on how to do this so you still have some resources.

    Day 12 coming at you soon!

  • Denzil Rowe says:

    @Drew Douglass. Thanks for the great tutorials! It would be cool if was easier find earlier days. I found them in the screencast section.

  • breenja says:

    I vote for PSD to static HTML then to Wordpress.

  • Parker says:

    r I vote for PSD to static HTML then to Wordpress

  • James Bond says:

    Uooooo, I’m waiting for that next screencast!

  • James Bond says:

    I don’t think that we should go from psd to html first. Jeff already did that screen cast for the same .psd.

  • Dan says:

    thanks for yr great work………

  • webtechnepal says:

    thanks for the good tutorial.