Installing WordPress with Fantastico

This is part of a series of articles covering the basics of installing and using WordPress aimed at new-comers to WordPress and to CMS usage also.

Many web-hosts offer a ‘one-click install’ script for quick and easy installation for a number of popular web scripts – including WordPress. Most hosts who offer this will use ‘Fantastico’ which is what I’ll be using for this tutorial. Some hosts may use another similar program for doing this, but the basic steps involved will be the same.

If your web-host does not offer a program like this, check out the ‘Installing WordPress Manually‘ tutorial.

The Installer

Login to your webhosting account page. On there, you should see a ‘Fantastico’, ‘1-Click Applications’ or similar button.

One of the most-used control panels for webhosting accounts is ‘cPanel’. If your host uses this, it should look:

It may also appear as a link under a ‘PHP Scripts’ heading, or in MediaTemple it shows as:


For hosts using the Fantastico installer, you will now be presented with the installer screen. Down the left column is a list of applications avaliable for one-click install. We’re interested in WordPress, so go ahead and click the link.

At time of writing, the latest WordPress version is 2.6, if Fantastico offers to install a WordPress version lower than the most recent one, it is recommended you install manually as older versions may have security problems.

Click the ‘New Installation’ link and you will be asked to give a few details required to install. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to choose where you wish your blog to be installed. For example you could install it at the root of your site (eg. or in a sub-directory (eg.

You must also provide the details you wish to login with (please use a complicated password!), your name, contact email address and the name for your blog. Then click ‘Install’.

You will be moved to a page confirming that you want to install WordPress. Simply click ‘Finish Installation’ to move on.

You should now be presented with the success screen, confirming your details and where your blog is located. Now click the link to your WordPress admin area to get started!


Congrats! You have now installed a new WordPress blog!
If this is your first time using WordPress, be sure to check out our Getting Started with WordPress article; and don’t forget to check-out some of the awesome themes avaliable for WordPress in ThemeForest.