ThemeForest Week in Review

I’m spicing up this week’s Week in Review and splitting it into two full posts of ThemeForesty goodness. The first part consists of some truly fantastic new items in the marketplace (and a couple from CodeCanyon), a quick forum refresher and finishing with some really great reading via web roundup.

But where’s this week’s interview?

Our rockstar sitemanager, Jeffrey Way, has graciously agreed to answer this week’s questions. You can read that in the post “Interview With ‘The Man’, AKA Jeffrey Way“.

Great Additions to the Forest and the Nearby Canyon

This week I’ve included a few great items from over yonder in CodeCanyon to make an already great list, even better. We have a total of twelve amazing new items for you to look at and keep in mind, there are a lot more where these came from so be sure to do some more browsing.

[Email Templates] Seasons Greetings – Email postcard – NewsLetter

Seasons Greetings - Email postcard - NewsLetter

“The site template suits for any email marketing, designer, photographer, ecommerce, clean, seasonal, christmas, new year, santa clause, holiday, white, red, product email, sharp, modern, sleek.”

[Email Templates] Xmas email Template

Xmas email Template

“Xmas email Template is a professional custom Christmas HTML email template designed to send the best greetings and a periodic newsletter to your readers.”

[PSD] Business Template #08

Business Template #08

“This is another layered .PSD template with Web 2.0 look & feel for Business Companies around a modern, sleek, gray+any color design. The file are good organized in folders with shape layers for easy to change color palettes or content.”

[PSD] White Metallic

White Metallic

“This is a mini site in a white metallic look – perfect for a sleek bio or event page or whatever you like.”

[HTML] Intense Business & Portfolio Template – 4 in 1

Intense Business & Portfolio Template - 4 in 1

“This html is a valid XHTML 1.0 transitional is best suitable for a business, company, Blog, portfolio, or freelancer portfolio website as well as predefined classes used for the common websites. For the most part you can just follow the HTML with commented codes.”

[HTML] Spotlight Portfolio Template – HTML Edition

Spotlight Portfolio Template - HTML Edition

“Spotlight PSD template is clean, elegant and professional solution for personal portfolio and/or small business website. It comes in three different color schemes, so I’m sure everyone will find something interesting in this template. ”

[WordPress] Mardi – Business & Portfolio theme

Mardi - Business & Portfolio theme

“Mardi is a very easy to customize theme which best suits business or portfolio sites. This theme has a feature loaded theme options page with over 50 options you can play with, you can view the live demo using username “test” and password “test”. Mardi has a jquery featured slider where you can showcase posts in a specific category, you can use the flip or slide animation.”

[WordPress] INTERFACES – A Super Premium Theme

INTERFACES - A Super Premium Theme

“Dellustrations is back with force. We have restructured our themes, bringing you support, and custom touch to every theme. All old themes will be updated accordingly. We are now supporting the themes, and we have managed to create a custom admin panel to our work with every one of them.”

[PHP] GLS – Webdesign Manager

GLS - Webdesign Manager

“With our creative system you can start a new web project such as building a css template. Along the way you will want to discuss options with your client then just add them on to the project! This means both you and your client are can effectively collaborate together.”

[PHP] Contact Form Generator

Contact Form Generator

“Contact Form Generator is a easy way to make your own custom form! You can control the validation rules, input types, icones and errors messages of a easy way. This script allows you to perform SMTP authentications, so do not need a personal SMTP server, you can, for example, use Live or Google (Gmail). This way you can send mail locally too, this and much more without touch in a line of code!”

[JavaScript] Sticky Nav Menu

Sticky Nav Menu

“If you’ve ever seen those neat little bars that stick to the bottom of a website – like the one at – this mimics that functionality. – View the Demo

[JavaScript] Smart Menu

Smart Menu

“Smart Menu is simple JavaScript driven menu, which is written on top of jQuery framework.”

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Chatter In The Forest

Here’s some notable forum threads you might’ve missed.

Web Roundup

Tools of the Trade: Web Development Frameworks that the Pros Use

Tools of the Trade: Web Development Frameworks that the Pros Use

New web development frameworks, promising rapid development and easy deployment, are sprouting out at a more rapid pace than you can keep up. In the last article, we looked at the various factors you’d have to consider when deciding on a framework. Today, we are going to look at the various frameworks available for each facet of web development.

35 CSS-based Layouts that Look Awesome

35 CSS-based Layouts that Look Awesome

Creattica continues to be a great source of inspiration. Whether you’re there to spark the creative fuse or just browse through some amazing work, it’s well worth checking out what’s new over at Creattica. Recently, they’ve added a whole bunch of new categories – including one for top-notch CSS work. Here’s a rundown of some of the best work submitted so far.

Stronger, Better, Faster Design with CSS3

Stronger, Better, Faster Design with CSS3

In our last article about CSS3, “Pushing Your Buttons With Practical CSS3, we talked about using new CSS3 techniques like gradients, border-radius and drop-shadows to create compelling, flexible and (in some cases) hilarious buttons.

In this second article we’re going to focus on using those CSS techniques (and a little JavaScript) to create some practical elements and layouts. As before, caveat coder — a lot of the CSS properties we’re going to use have limi…

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WordPress Themes with Unusual Uses

WordPress Themes with Unusual Uses

As any experienced blogger will most likely know, WordPress is a killer blogging platform. What many people aren’t aware of, except those more familiar with WordPress, is that the platform is capable of so much more than just blogging. In fact, most people refer to it as more of a content management system (CMS) than just something built solely for blogging.

There are some amazing WordPress themes available at places like ThemeForest and around the web, but most are blog-centric. WordPress is capable of so much more. Like what you ask?

Check out these 15 Awesome WordPress themes with unusual uses to find out.

20+ Tools for Quick and Clean Code Development

20+ Tools for Quick and Clean Code Development

Developing websites is much more than just a pretty face, and depending on what typed of features you’d like to implement on the site, there’s a lot of coding that goes into it. Many times designers turn to a WYSIWYG tool, however tools of that sort are more limited to advanced code. Being able to code a site using a variety of tools lets you simplify the coding process while you take a big bite out of saving time.

Below we’ve hand picked 20+ Tools for Quick & Clean Code Development that will help you code much faster and in an efficient manner.



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