What’s In Store?

Hi everyone. I thought I’d briefly go over what’s in store for the blog. To stir things up a bit, I’ll be making a few changes to increase the number of quality tutorials that we’ll be offering each week. In addition, I’ll be rolling out a new video series!

New Writers

I’m currently accepting applications for a writing position. To give a brief overview of your potential duties:

  • Submit at least one tutorial per week. You’ll be compensated with $60 per tutorial. You may submit a max of two per week.
  • Must be willing to make edits, if requested.
  • Generally help out in the comments section of each of your postings, if necessary.

If you’re interested in applying, create a tutorial that is roughly the same length as the ones we’re currently posting. Try to keep the subject matter confined to HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, Drupal, and WordPress. If accepted, we’ll pay you $60, post your tutorial, and invite you to come on board as a staff writer.

If you do a great job, you’ll also be encouraged to submit articles to nettuts+ – which pays $150 per tutorial.

New Video Series

I’m putting the finishing touches on the last few “Diving into PHP” screencasts. That means, I need a new project!

Regular expressions are insane to decipher when you don’t know the syntax. Over the course of about 5-8 screencasts, I’m going to teach you EXACTLY how to use them in your PHP and Javascript applications. As always, each new video will be a consumable ten minute tutorial that expands upon what you’ve learned previously. I hope you enjoy it!

WordPress for Designers

Drew is steaming ahead with his own video series. Things are getting exciting now that he’ll begin converting a PSD or HTML website to WordPress. Stay tuned for those upcoming videos.

Please Subscribe!

As you’ve heard me say many times: please, please subscribe to our RSS feed. When you do, I can begin to allocate more and more funds to supplying with top notch tutorials and screencasts!


  • Kayla says:

    Can’t wait for the regular expression series; I always love a new screencast series on just about anything. They’re always so helpful.

  • Daan says:

    Do you need to create a tutorial on weekly basis, or am I allowed to write just one and submit it?

    I like the new changes :)


  • Gilad says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    i think regular expressions tutorial is a wrong choise,
    to many like those are running in the web.

    i would recommend three subjects tho:
    1. really high level JS programing.
    2. really pro real life OOP with PHP programing.
    3. overview of big sites back end overview.

    what do you think?

  • Daan says:

    @gilad; quite good idea actually, why always code? What about usability reviews, design articles, etc.

  • Alex Hughes says:


  • Jeffrey Way says:

    @Daan – I agree. Potential authors: take note!

    You’re welcome to submit articles sporadically.

  • Talon says:

    @Jeff – Just a thanks for the site and your tutorials. I am learning so much from the PHP series. That was a really intimidating subject for me. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Jamie says:

    Really looking forward to your Regular Expression tutorials!

  • Meshach says:

    Sounds great Jeffrey!!

  • Matt says:

    Do we have to format the tutorial in any specific way, like over at Nettuts.

  • Eduardo says:

    Regular Expressions are quite nice! good choice ;)

    My suggestions to comming up series:
    - Creting Professional Templates to Drupal
    - Codeigniter Master Series
    - Quick Tips on PHP Security

    You’re great Jeffrey!
    Take care!

  • Kyle says:

    ASP.NET would be nice.

  • Daan says:

    But then ofcourse you wont have the insurance of 1 tutorial every week..
    anyway, it’s cool ;)

  • Dean says:

    I’m looking forward to tutes on regex – it’s one thing I’ve never been able to get my head around.

  • Saro says:

    How about joomla tutorials?

  • Ruy says:

    Hi Jeff.. just wondering.. if screencasts were also submitted along with the tutorials, and it passed your standards, how would that change the picture? (I understand, in NetTuts+, tutorials + screencasts = US$250 ;) )

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jeffrey Way says:

    @Saro – Sure. If someone would like to submit a tutorial, we’d be happy to take a look.

  • Vasili says:

    I got a super idea for a tutorial earlier today, I hope that it’ll come out the way I want it to. :D

    I can’t wait for the regular expressions screencast, those things confuse the heck out of me when they really confusing (ie. Wordpress). :P

  • What about, how to create a really good webdesign?

    Like what you need to keep in mind when you’re designing a weblayout.

    So it will be a collection of tutorials:
    - The header
    - The menu
    - The content
    -The footer
    - Optional goodies
    - Usability
    - Some tips

    What do you guy’s think?

  • SX says:

    I see you guys decreased the payment for the regular tutorials to less than half and now paying the same for the net plus tutorials. That really is a shake up.
    ;) .

  • Marko says:

    @Sanne Terpstra Good idea, would like to hear shout from Jeff about this.

  • Saro says:

    Yea, the blog should handle the design part aswell. As i think the graphical side of TF can use a little more finesse.

  • Jeffrey Way says:

    @SX – Nothing has been changed, in terms of compensation. ThemeForest has always offered $60 for accepted articles.

  • Dirk says:

    I’m looking forward to the regular expression tutorial. Think it’s a great idea. Keep it up!

  • Code_Bleu says:

    Will there ever be any tuts on from Gimp to HTML? Im a linux user and would like to see the same style tutorial that PSD to HTML, but for GIMP. Maybe this is the wrong place to post. If so, let me know and i will post it on one of the other sites on tutsplus.

  • Eduardo says:

    GIMP->HTML is identical to PSD->HTML…… in both you must crop the images you want and that’s it! ;)

  • SX says:

    Oops, sorry Jeffrey, I guess I saw 150 on nettus and got confused with the pluses. :)

  • Talon says:


    you said earlier you were putting the finishing touches on the ‘diving into php’ series… is that still in the making?

    waiting eagerly :)

  • awake says:


    You should tweak you feed setting so when one subscribes they can download the last 20-25 feeds. Right now I’m only getting like the last 10.

    Just a suggestion…

  • CG says:

    I would really like to see some higher level jQuery and JavaScript tutorials, for example; object oriented JavaScript, how to make JavaScript widgets with Json or XML, and perhaps just a straight up intro to OOP theory.