Two New Categories!

I have exciting new to announce! Beginning today, we are now offering PHP and JavaScript components. These two categories feature helpful scripts that you can implement into your projects with ease. Need a drag and drop comments section for your static site? No problem! Need an event calendar for a client’s project? No problem! How about an advanced image gallery management tool full of awesomeness? No problem!


I Can Download Scripts for Free Around the Web. Why Pay?

That might be, but we’re only interested in selling HIGH quality scripts that are guaranteed to make your life easier. When reviewing submissions, I’ve instructed our reviewer to be as strict as possible. You won’t find dozens of half-featured light boxes here; only well-crafted components that have been tailor-made for ThemeForest.

When Can I Begin Uploading My Own Scripts?

Today. Just remember – HIGH quality. If your script can easily be found for free, we’ll reject it.

Why Only PHP? What About ASP.NET and Other Server-Side Languages?

We’ll takes these first few months to test out PHP only. If it proves to be profitable for all involved, and there’s a large demand for a different language, we’re more than happy to oblige!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Take a moment to browse our seed content, and then get started on your own! The sooner you get in, the less competition! Good luck.