ThemeForest News

It’s been about a week and a half since we let in the first ThemeForest users and so far so good on the beta front. We have about 40 or so files so far, and a dozen or so sales to boot! We’ve just added another 500 beta users courtesy of a giveaway on FreelanceFolder, so things are moving along really well!

Launch Plan

There are currently two things that need to happen before we launch – we’re looking to get around a hundred files on the site, and we’re still working on the theme preview system. My guess is that this will put us up for a launch mid next week, but it might be the week after. I’ll update on this blog in a few days!


So far from the uploads it looks as though Site Templates is going to be our most popular file type, followed by WordPress, then Joomla. This isn’t a huge surprise, however to compensate for the lack of Drupal items, we’re going to fold that category back into Misc Themes and focus on the first three. In time as our library expands, I hope we’ll get to bring Drupal (as well as other theme types) back into their own categories.

Other News

Once we get this site started, I’m planning on bumping the postage here In The Woods. So far I’ve managed to co-opt my awesome little brother into making lots of resource posts on Joomla designing and WordPress, but I’m still looking for someone to write some install guides and short tutorials on using themes. So if you’ve got any experience, and feel like writing some new buyer-centric posts, email me at with the subject line “Writing for ThemeForest” and just let me know any appropriate credentials!


  • Joe says:

    I shall E-Mail you as soon as I get a chance :D

  • Amy says:

    I was SO disappointed to miss out on the beta invites! I am a Drupal developer and designer and I would LOVE to contribute some Drupal themes. I may be interested in doing some Drupal theming tutorials but at this point I don’t have time. I have a Diploma in Multimedia Production and Design, a Web Developer’s Diploma, and a Web Designer’s Certification so I think Im qualified :P

    Anyways, hurry up! I am chomping at the bit :P

    Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Jim says:

    I would LOVE to see some Drupal love. For such a popular and powerful CMS, it’s amazing that more Drupal themes aren’t out there.