ThemeForest Milestones – 100 Files, First $1000 File

It’s only been a week since our launch, but it’s never too early to celebrate some milestones around here! So I’m happy to say, we’ve not only passed our 100th file, but we’ve also got our first file’s sales past $1000. And that’s pretty cool!

100 Files and Counting

Our 100th file came in a few minutes ago, courtesy of new user kitgrafik, it’s called SimIndustry and is a clean looking business template. So far we’ve had files being approved at about 5 a day, and we can expect that number to only grow!

Unsuprisingly most of the files are in Site Templates which looks to be the bread’n'butter of the site. However our biggest seller is actually a WordPress Theme.

First $1000 File

Our top selling (in $’s) file on ThemeForest is the awesome Our Community theme from Kai Loon of Themetation and LoonDesign. As of last night the theme sold it’s 34th time making it our first $1000+ file.

Our Community is a great theme and deserves to be selling so well. Congratulations Kai Loon!

Other News

In other news, this blog is starting to ramp up, we have three bloggers other than myself contributing, Ahmad El-Alfy with Joomla posts, Dan Harper and Justin Shattuck writing about WordPress, and coming soon – a new Site Manager to take over from me and talk about everything!