New Shopify Category and a $1000 Giveaway

I’m happy to announce that ThemeForest has come to an agreement with to distribute e-commerce templates. Beginning today, we’re offering a $100 bonus, as an incentive, to the authors of the first ten accepted Shopify themes.


How Do I Submit a Shopify Theme?

In the same way that you would any other template.

  • Once you login, simply click the “Upload” link.
  • Choose the “Miscellaneous” category.
  • Upload your files, and ensure that you select “Shopify” as the category.

How Soon Can I Purchase a Theme?

Considering that it’s “Day 1″ for this new category, we don’t have any templates available just yet. We first need some of our fantastic designers to upload a few themes.

How Will I Be Paid

You’ll receive $100 via within a maximum of 30 days from submitting your themes.

Where Can I Learn More About Designing for Shopify?

Check here for the specifics.

“Shopify is for people and small businesses who want to sell great products through an online store that does those products justice.

We provide you with a straightforward interface to build exactly the shop you want, hosted on our powerful servers.”


  • ne-design says:

    Good to know that shopify will be here at TF! I am still little confused how Vision works, but I might try to make one.

  • Awesome. Its built with Ruby so I’ll give it a go. And the prize couldn’t be better with the USD to AUD exchange at the moment :)

  • Dulce says:

    This is interesting! Thanks for the heads up.

  • o_creative says:

    Sounds good! What would be the price for the templates on sale?

  • Jose says:

    Does the theme have to come with Liquify programmed, is there a basic schema to follow or is it just the design?

  • NCB says:

    can we get a ThemeForest blog Twitter account to post the latest entries, like Nettuts, Psdtuts, and Creattica?

  • Jeffrey says:

    @NCB – One has already been created.

    You can also follow NETTUTS.

  • Sacha says:

    Is it ok to use the default shopify themes as a base ?

  • Patternhead says:

    From what I understand, copyright for the default Shopify themes belongs to the designers (apart from one of the themes that was written by the Shopify team). Also, code from the Shopify default themes isn’t public domain or creative commons so maybe use the themes as a learning tool but don’t use them as the base for a theme that you’re going to sell.

  • Rob MacKay says:

    Can someone tell me if they have managed to get Vision working? There seems to be some kind of secret to it… I’m on an XP box so I followed the DL instructions and then just tried to run the vision.exe – it tries to launce files from a temp dir, but can’t find them then fails…

    What’s going on and why is vision so badly documented for issues… its obvious that it does work for people – but there just isn’t any FAQ, help topics in forms or anything. Surely this happens to a few people?

    It’s supposed to launch my default browser (FF) and display the control panel, but it does not get that far.

  • Sacha says:

    On my mac, it stopped working once I moved the files. But once I quit the “ruby” process and relaunched Vision, it found the files again.