New PSD Category!

We have exciting news. Beginning December 1, designers will now have the option of selling their psd templates on ThemeForest. We’ve noticed, via the forums, that there are many incredible designers that simply don’t have the coding skills to develop a complete website. In those instances, they can upload and sell their psd files for $6, $8, and $10.

Pricing Structure

  • $6 – This price will feature simple and single page designs.
  • $8 – If a design has a bit more complexity and/or includes multiple “pages”, it’ll receive a price boost.
  • $10 – The highest prices will be reserved for spectacular designs that include multiple screens and are very well executed.. The best of the best will fit into this category.


When can I begin uploading my psd designs?

We’ll be launching this new category on December 1.

Can I submit layered png files as well?

At this time, no. However, there seems to be a good bit of demand for such an offering. It will be considered over the next few months.

Can I submit to both categories? For example, can I exclude the psd from my final template, and then submit it separately?

Please don’t. Your sales will suffer from the lack of an included psd file. This new category is meant to serve as a voice for the amazing designers that don’t have the web development skills necessary to promote their work.

Will all submissions be accepted?

Unfortunately not. The bar will be raised to a high level for this category, for obvious reasons. But, that shouldn’t stop you from submitting!

Additional Questions

Please direct any additional questions that you might have to Jeffrey –


  • Milan says:

    I must prepare some PSDs now… :)

  • Great, got tons of designs laying around. I’m sure at least some of them will be accepted!

  • Awesome idea. Although I can code my designs.. lol.
    But this will be a great news for those who likes to focus on design.

  • Ryan says:

    This is a great idea, I’m really looking forward to adding quite a few that I’ve never really had the time to code.

  • Koka Koala says:

    juhu … :)

  • Marko says:

    Few questions…

    1. HTML templates need to be fully customizable but PSD design not. Does this mean I can create incredible template a go wild with it and still get approved?
    2. Help file? What to write? I mean dev’s know how to slice a file. Are simple PSD notes enough? Properly named layer and so on…?

  • AdrianMG says:

    Yeahhh… at last.. :D

  • Bill says:

    It’s refreshing to see Theme Forest listening and responding so quickly to user feedback. Great news guys!

  • Tincho says:

    Great News!

  • Simon says:

    Interesting idea. I’ve never considered that, but it might work out well and I’m interested in seeing some of the results.

  • This is an awesome addition, I was wondering why you didn’t start with this, it made sense. We’ll be participating heavily on this, for sure.

  • rybaxs says:

    wow, I’ve been thinking for this one long ago and now… it came true!
    great great great!

  • Ariyo says:

    brilliant idea. keep it real.

  • Aman Dhingra says:

    Woooo Huuuu!!! all of my psd in DA gallery { } will be here to Sell.. and much more.. thanks alot :)

  • Lachy says:

    This is pretty disgusting. As a starter, the most we can earn is $2 per design sold. We would need to sell 200 or so designs to make a decent amount of money. Pretty dispicable

  • Peter says:

    Think this helps people like me IE. can code anything but can’t design to save there lives. Does the addition of PSD templates mean the designs could be purchased, converted to a CMS and later marketed?

  • Ryan says:

    Thanks for listening to the users and opening up the marketplace to PSD files. In my case I have the skills to code also, but not always the time!

    I would like to reiterate the questions posed by Marko above about customization and help files…

  • Chasew says:

    Have to agree about the pricing. Thats really quite low, depending on the workmanship. Especially considering the actual return that the designer gets after TF takes its cut.

    Granted, there are great fully functional websites on here for only 15 bucks, which is a steal… However, coding or not, I wouldn’t touch PS for two dollars, not to mention design a website. Or a business card, brochure, or anything else for that matter, none of which require coding, and none of which any self respecting designer would sell away for just a few dollars. Or what, forty cents from the two dollars?

    Offering such a feature leads to great opportunities for designers, and I for one do appreciate it. But when you choose to forcefully cap prices, and cap them so low, you are forcing a value on our work. Frankly, that not only hurts us, it hurts our industry, and I cant say I appreciate that at all.

    Leave it to the designers to set a value on their own work. You can approve the submission or deny it.

  • Jeffrey says:

    @Chasew – No one is asking you to touch PS for $2. You’re making $2, assuming a 25% bracket, for every sale. That can add up very quickly..

    Next, imagine that you have 10-20 PSDs for sale that each make $4 or so per day. It’s easy to see how so many of our authors make a very good living on the Envato Marketplace sites.

  • Ryan says:

    Any answers to our questions? Plus, is this released now? Don’t see where this has gone into effect since it’s officially Dec. 1st…

  • rybaxs says:

    wow.. it is now officially released!..