New Featured Author of the Week: Imaginem


  • Author’s Username: imaginem
  • Member Since: March, 2009
  • Location: Undisclosed

How Come?

Imaginem, though only a member since the first quarter of 2009, already has over a dozen popular templates for sale on ThemForest. Imagine the kind of income that is possible when you have so many products to draw income from! He’s 100% deserving of this week’s feature, and represents what’s possible on our site.

Portfolio Sample

Clockwork 7 in 1


“Clockwork is a premium CSS HTML template most suitable for business and portfolio websites. It’s designed with a clean interface, catchy featured cycle (pause on hover) which has two styles to display your products and works (with a single image or with text and description along with images).”

Vortex Portfolio

Vortex Portfolio

“Vortex Portfolio Wordpress theme is designed for the creative professionals who wants to showcase their work online. Vortex theme can display your work (images and videos) in a lightbox gallery. It can also showcase your work inside a Post via a slide gallery.”

Crisp Business Portfolio

Crisp Business Portfolio

“Crisp is a clean theme that will put your work in the spotlight. Includes three skins. Blue, Orange and a dark version Brown-blue Combo.”

Photo + Blog

Photo + Blog

“Photo + Blog Premium is a two-column WordPress theme ideal for the photographer who wants an online gallery along with a blog.”



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