New Envato Community Blog – Envato Notes

Today we’ve launched a new Envato Community blog called Envato Notes. The new site is going to be the epicenter of our community not just for the Envato Marketplaces but for our entire network of sites. On the site you’ll find heaps of different stuff including:

  • News about all Envato Sites
  • Interviews of authors and people from the community
  • Case studies about Envato Authors
  • Competitions
  • Announcements about New Features and Categories
  • News from the Envato Dev teams
  • How-To articles for our sites
  • Staff Interviews from the Envato team
  • Polls, Discussions, Contests, Features, Photos, Plugs, Freebies, Reports, Tips, Giveaways, Guest Posts, … you name it, we’re going to have it!

So be sure to head over and check it out now at!