Need Some Outstanding Developers to Help With New Secret Category

In early May, ThemeForest will be launching a brand new category that will appeal more to developers than designers – at least from an authoring stand-point. To help seed this new category, we’re in need of around five outstanding developers to help us out. If you’re creative and have the chops, email sitemanager@themeforest to discuss the details and compensation.

* Note – to qualify for this initial seed content, you really need to know your stuff. When you contact us, please include either samples of your work, or your resume. Otherwise, your email will unfortunately be deleted. I’m looking forward to hearing from some of you!


  • Vasili says:

    Oh, sounds fancy. I know I’m not qualified, though. XP

  • Paul Davis says:

    By the sounds of that I’m really excited to see what’s coming. Only 2 weeks!

  • Sacha says:

    A Jquery plugin category ?? (that’s what I’m hoping for…)

  • Meshach says:

    Need Some Outstanding Developers

    Well, that counts me out! :P

  • Alex says:

    Good luck! wish i was qualified :p maybe this new category will help me get there one day

  • Tanax says:

    What exactly is the “stuff” we need to know.
    I know alot of PHP, and I could probably send you an email – but I’m not sure if you need PHP scripters though.

  • Amir says:

    I’d love to know which technology the developers should be able to use. I am completely PHP-literate, but am not able to develop in clientside Scriptlanguages as good as in PHP.

  • Idan Smith says:

    well, what the heck i will try… =]

  • Qiming says:

    Top secret, cool. I don’t think I’m going to try. There are probably plenty of others far superior to me. I wonder what the Top Secret is going to be about…

    Good luck to all those who try!

  • I’ll definitely be in touch about this, I’ve been waiting for something like this! :)

  • Eh, I don’t qualify, but I can’t wait.

  • jonathan Atkinson says:

    Great news – but not sure how qualified and in what…… development is a big elephant – can you not be at least a little more specific as I have “developers” who work for me – php – JS – JQuery – ASP the list goes on.


  • Rashad says:

    Hey Jeff, can you be more specific about what type of development environment you’re looking for .NET, PHP, JavaScript…?

  • Julian says:

    Development you say?
    Outstanding developers you say?

    My first guess is that you’re launching a “Ruby on Rails” section.

    I’d love for you guys to do one of those. I’ve always wanted to learn this back-end technology, which seems to be in high demand currently.

  • Gilbert says:

    I must say I think it would be great to have something geared at developers. I might qualify but I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to dedicate to helping out I’m afraid.

  • Adam says:

    I sent you a mail, Hope I will get in. :) Sounds cool.

  • Simon North says:

    I need some more details, a lot of things come under development, what exactly are you referring to??

  • well , i think i must send u my resume and i have sent it .
    i can work in .Net and php with XML,MYSQL,MSSQL etc

  • Johnb says:

    I’ll apply… just after i finish Jeff’s complete Diving into PHP series! :D

  • Brian says:

    To bad I don’t have the time.

    Wondering if you’re looking at open source api plugins and javascript libraries…mmm Would love to see some sort of developers area for creating web elements for secondary sites like facebook, ebay and others. I know I’d be buying templates and code for working in those areas.

    Looking forward to seeing what you got up your sleeves.

  • Just emailed… PHP, mySQL and jQuery AJAX functions? I sure hope so!

  • Hmmn if its premade scripts that would be cool. I know someone who may be interested (very good developer).

  • Moksha says:

    I wanted to help but i know you need not people from Microsoft world. don;t know PHP if anything about ASP.NET