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Like many others, I spend about thirty minutes a day reading over my RSS feeds. Every Friday (Saturday for some of you), I’ll post links to the articles that I found to be especially helpful when it comes to creating templates. Feel free to include yours in the comments section.

300 Vintage Style Textures and Photoshop Brushes

300 Vintage Style Textures

This article came out several months ago, but I still find myself checking back every time I start a new project. There’s an unprecedented number of free textures to use in your templates.

20 jQuery Plugins for an Unforgettable Experience

20 jQuery Plugins

The title pretty much says it all. The article presents a list of some of the best jQuery plugins out there. If you have permission to use them, implement them into your theme!

10 Easy Step to Great Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Just because you’re not designing for a specific client, per se, doesn’t mean that you should use best practices when creating your templates. This article details some important steps to make the search monsters happy.

Context Includes

Context Includes

The great thing about WordPress is that it doesn’t limit how content is displayed, but provides a ‘framework’ of ways to do so. Even better, it’s possible to change the display according to the content. When writing this tutorial it was hard to explain what’s going on… But the best way is this: the post will be displayed within the loop according to its content – or contextual differences. Either way, it’s including specific files that match up to the category of the post.

I’m always on the look-out for more training. So let me and the others know if you found a considerably helpful resource!