Licensing options are here!

There’s just so much great content on the Envato Marketplaces these days, closing on 20,000 different items. All those items means there’s many, many different uses for them. So we’ve been working to create ways for buyers to purchase different types of licenses for use. Having multiple licensing options means buyers can get exactly what they need, and for authors it means greater potential earnings!

To begin with we’re adding a new multiple use license that means you pay less to get more usage out of an item. Here’s how it works:

1) Buy a Standard Single Use License.
This is the same license as the old default license, to be used when you wish to purchase a file to use on a single project.

2) Buy a 10 Project License for just 3 x the cost of a Single Use License.
A 10 project license means you can use the same file over and over – up to ten times – without having to buy it again and again.

For more information on what each of these license types entails, please visit this page. If you have any queries or concerns at all, please contact support who will be happy to assist you.

Stay tuned for more useful license types in the future.

Thanks and happy shopping!


  • Matt says:

    This is great for buyers and sellers, and what a good deal.

  • Mark Dijkstra says:

    This is a great idea.

    Why not use a Unique license(lets call it this) so that the seller can set a price so that if a buyer wants to have a Unique site is can buy it at this price.

    The seller uploads file and sets the Unique price on $1500, once a buyer buys it at this price the file is not avalible anymore.


  • wppowered says:

    Yeah this is an excellent idea. ;)

  • Marko says:

    Great! How do we know when buyer purchase 10 project license?

  • Altinkum says:

    Well this is very good, a lot people will like it ;)

  • Clemente G says:

    Nice, I like this idea. Is there a system in place to monitor when this gets abused though?

  • wppowered says:

    Also will the older template listings have this option, or is it for the newer templates?

  • CAMS says:


    so guys start buying my stuff at a web licence :P lol x50 woo :)

  • Good idea, I assumed it would be a unique price from reading the link title but the 10 license is great.

  • redwall_hp says:

    Very nice. If you added an easy way to upgrade an existing license to a 10-project license, it would be even better though. (Unless you already have that? I haven’t checked yet.)

  • jonathan Atkinson says:

    erm…. ok, but should you of asked your authors first if this was ok? This is a change in terms and conditions since files were uploaded to TF etc – what if I do not want to sell the option of 10 uses of my product for only 3 times the amount please?

    I am not sure I am in agreement that this could be implemented without authors agreeing to the changes.

  • I think this is a step in the right direction, but I have to agree with Jonathan the 10 project license is way low at x3, should have been more like x6. I mean that’s a 70% discount…

  • jonathan Atkinson says:

    My main point wasn’t really the reduction (although I totally agree) it was the fact that we were never consulted on how our files are sold….. I might not want to offer multiple licensing on some files.

    Seems like it was rushed in and wasn’t thought about or offered up for discussion. That’s just not very fair on the authors at all.

    If it was introduced where an author could select the option when uploading a file for sale then all would of been good – we could of gone through our library of existing items and selected whether to offer multiple licensing or not – this way they chose to offer my products at vastly reduced amounts without me having a choice.

  • CAMS says:

    maybe up our commision rates will help quiet everyone down :P lol

  • Mondre says:

    This is great news!

  • Pandemic says:

    I really can’t forsee anyone taking advantage of the unlimited use one. If they have $500 to spend on a design, they probably wouldn’t buy a premade template.

  • Tim says:

    Creating options is always a good thing, at least usually, it is,)

    defining license options, should begin with true definition not vague guidelines that may or may not entirely cover the buyer in the intended use of the product sold, I think this policy will need to be reviewed in order to create a more desirable result for both the buyer and seller.

  • Altinkum says:

    what about upgrade old licences, is that will be possible, another good thinking ;)

  • Ryan says:

    How is this going to be enforced or regulated? Technically there’s really no way to know now who has purchased my items unless they’ve either make a comment on an item or send a direct message to me.

    What’s to stop someone from buying a single license and using it 10 times?

  • Chris says:

    I think this is rather unfortunate…