Introducing Envato’s New Community Manager

So… you’ve got a problem on the sites or perhaps you just want some advice? You know it’s not quite a support issue, and you’re wondering who you can talk to about it. Well, Envato is very happy to announce that there is now someone whose job it is to help you figure out your troubles. His name is Adrien Gardiner (but you might know him as ADG3Studios). :-)

Adrien has been a moderator for some time now, and as such is one of the marketplaces’ most active, respected and knowledgeable members. Adrien will now also be taking on the role of community manager. He will lead the moderation team as our active forums keep growing, and will be there to answer any community related questions you may have. You can reach him via his site mail, or at adrien AT envato DOT com. You can feel free to write to him in English, French, Spanish or Russian.