How Are You Supporting Blog Action Day?

As most of you know, tomorrow (or today for some of you!) is Blog Action Day. To celebrate this monumental effort by Envato to raise awareness, I’d love to learn how all of you are throwing in support. Visiting the site today, I couldn’t believe how many people have come on board. It truly is incredible. Visit to read over many of the news articles that have been published.

What Are You Doing?

Considering my position at ThemeForest, I decided to create a “non-profit” theme that was inspired by B.A.D. We didn’t have any templates for the “Non-Profit” category yet, so I decided to jump in – especially when it’s for a good cause. (* Strangely, my Firefox plugin, “Screengrab“, isn’t displaying the “Blog Action Day” video that I put at the bottom of the main content. That’s why there is an empty space. How odd.)

BAD Inspired Theme

Have any of you considered donating some of your earning from TF today or tomorrow to a charity? I, and the other readers, would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Lastly, a huge congratulations goes out to everyone at Envato who worked on this project. I’m honored to work for such genuinely good people.


  • Hey it’s great to see you’re participating!

    Just so you know, we’ve set up a resource page at
    It’s got some of the most amazing resources that World Vision has to offer for you to use in your Blog Action Day Post.

    There’s also an incredible competition with amazing prizes for the Best Australian post.

    I look forward to reading what you have to say!

  • ionilia says:

    emm… bookmarked :)