Help File Template

Some of you have expressed some confusion with what exactly should be included in the help files that you create for your themes. To ease concerns, I’ve created a sample text file that you can download and use as a template.

The template includes some general text to serve as an example. You’ll be expected, if you choose to work off of this template, to expand upon the sections listed with the appropriate information. If you have any unique features in your particular theme, be sure to touch on those subjects.

Remember, you’re not writing a novel. It isn’t your job to teach them how to code and script. You’re merely going over some of the important features with your buyer – and possibly explaining some of the more confusing elements.

  • Why did you use so many div elements in this section? Was it required?
  • What exactly does this jQuery plugin do? Include a link if necessary.
  • Which psd files should be edited to change the header?
  • etc.

This template will be called “Version 1″. As the authors and reviewers make suggestions, we’ll periodically update the file to ensure that it covers all the necessary features of you template. Feel free to make any suggestions.

Once you get your basic template set up, it should only take five minutes or so to customize the help file for each template.

Download the template here