By Popular Demand: The Resale Licence

We have been getting a LOT of requests from buyers wanting a licence to use files in products for resale, so we’ve made one!

The licence is called the Single Use Conditional Resale Permitted Licence ["Conditional Resale"]. You can read about it here.

Right now every author is automatically opted-out, so you will need to opt in if you wish to sell your files under this licence (see instructions below).

The Conditional Resale licence allows a file to be used in an item for resale, and it’s priced at 50 times the cost of a standard single use licence.

So for instance, you could buy this licence if you wanted to:

  1. Put a GraphicRiver graphic on a t-shirt for sale in a store.
  2. Put a FlashDen preloader into a Flash theme for sale.
  3. Put a VideoHive video and an AudioJungle loop into software that would allow people to make their own custom video with music.
  4. Put a ThemeForest theme into software that would allow people to create intranets.

How Do I Opt-In?

If you wish to offer your file under this licence, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to your Account page.
  2. Go the the Edit tab.
  3. Click on Item Licences.
  4. Click the boxes next to the licence name to opt-in.
  5. Press Save!

If you have any questions support will be happy to answer them!


  • Bill Labus says:

    Cool idea, but I’m not sure how many people are gonna want to spend 50 times the price of a template or flash file just to use it once in their own product.

  • iPad says:

    That’s true… I think ‘in that case’ is totally useless…

  • Marko says:

    I think it’s cool stuff. Opted in.

  • Kriesi says:

    Could we have an option to distinguish for different files? I would never use this option on a new template, someone could buy it wih this licence, modify it a little bit then upload it on tf and be a direct competitor.

    however i wouldnt care if the files were several months old. the 50 time purchase would make a good compensation for the loss of sporadic sales that happen after an item was online for a very long time.

    Or if i wanted to offer this option for an icon set on graphic river but not for the rest of my templates.

    other than that i really like the licence, great work and thanks for implementing it ;)

  • Alex Hughes says:

    I think it’s great!
    Been hoping this type of license would be released.


  • Marko says:

    Now that Kriesi mentioned it, yeah makes sense. I would like to have this option for individual files. Opting-out till this feature is available ;)

  • Paul says:

    This is a great idea, the designers here do some awesome work, however 50 times the singe user price is extremely restrictive.

    I’m not sure I would be willing to pay $1750 for a $35 WP theme especially with only conditional resale rights.

    Honestly, for that kind of cash, I would expect full resale rights

  • Swannanoa says:

    Hi people,
    I just found this site and ran across this post.
    The reason for multiple licence is like said T- shirts BUT more likley for internet marketers that are building and selling blog programs/ Membership sites and the like and including templates with it….
    Works for you because you don’t sell it once and than it just gets used, but when their honest, and most are, it makes it easier to buy multiple lic and then they sell 500 or more of their product with no hassle on the lic AND YOU GET PAID!

    How do you think I just arrived here?
    Thats right.

    I’m investigating buying a program that they just started promoting and I dug deeper and came across this post.

    Sign up for it if you want to make sales, and sell yourself to these affilliate marketers. I’ve seen some impressive work, tho some of you need to work on you page and avatar because I didn’t look at your work (at this time) if I was not impressed by your not being willing to dress up your own page.

    OK, I just got mine so don’t kick me for not doing mine yet (tho i’m not competing with you-had to open acct to be able to sell your stuff).

    Keeping my head low in Bagdad
    PS so they are Gravatars?

  • Jeff says:

    50 times the cost is ridiculous. You should let author’s create their own pricing otherwise this is pointless.

  • Ross says:

    I agree to Jeff on this one. Let the designer do their pricing. It’s WIN-WIN.