Birthday Bundle Success!

When we set out a couple of months ago planning a way to say thank you to all our buyers here on the Envato marketplaces, there was one really stand out idea. It was put forward by our very savvy AudioJungle site manager ScottWills who suggested a fantastic bundle deal. It was a cool idea, but I don’t think anyone here at Envato HQ every expected it to be such a runaway success!

The most immediate consequence is we will definitely be running Birthday Bundles every year in August from now on. So if you enjoyed this bundle there will be more to come next year!

As I write this it looks like we’re set to pass 5,000 sales of the Birthday Bundle which has far surpassed all our expectations by a long, long, long way. This is fantastic because we’ve seen lots of new buyers joining, lots of old buyers returning, and generally a lot of buzz and excitement. We’ve also noticed that many buyers are discovering our other marketplaces by looking through files in the bundle – we love this type of cross pollination!

Of course the immediate benefit of the Birthday Bundle is that rather a lot of cash has come in, in the last three days. That’s always a good thing for any business, and we’d like to share this unexpected windfall with the authors who helped make the bundle a reality. So a few hours ago Cyan wrote to all the Birthday Bundle authors to let them know that next week we’re sending over a big bonus to them all. We’ll also be creating a special Bundle badge for authors who contribute to bundles, because let’s face it you can never have too many badges!

We’d like to thank these authors for allowing us to include their files in this promotion:
380nm, ArikB, bitfade, dan_djorgi, dannyngs, dari, dashitai, designesia, digitalscience, dvkro, EAMejia, epicera, felt_tips, flashato, frayquantum, hipis, iKarina, instinct, jonathan01, kailoon, KenSHinH, KLANDA , MartynHarvey, Maximus, ParkerAndKent, scorpy, scottwills, Segen, Solidbeats, SoundProdigy, vaisnava, VF, vice_and_virtue, webrider, Webtreats, Xandros.


Some Lessons Learned!

As it was the first year we’ve tried a buyer promotion for the birthdays we learnt a couple of valuable lessons. In particular some authors have reported general sales went down a little during the time the Birthday Bundle was up. I think in the long run the buzz and marketing will end up bringing us new buyers and this will balance out in the future. However it did mean that our 70% author commissions wasn’t timed so well. In previous years when we upped the % rates (this was our third year of doing this) it was always done on its own to great effect. So next year we’ll be splitting the two parts of the celebration to make sure authors get a bit more of a kick out of the celebrations.

We’d like to say thank you to all authors for supporting us. The strength of the marketplaces is the great files and authoring community we have here, so the fact that they continue to be successful is really testament to the brilliance of the community!

I’ll be back later tonight with a wrap up of the birthday along with some previews and news about upcoming Envato sites!


  • Raspo says:

    Happy birthday!

    You really deserve it. XD

  • sike says:

    Hope next year I’m the picked up author. :)

  • Marcell says:

    Very happy that you guys gave back to the community…This week was AWESOME!

  • What a Birthday present – almost $100,000 in sales! In 3 days!

    If I could do that even in a month I’d be retiring in a few years. Well done for creating such a successful company.

  • Gautch says:

    Yeah one more lesson to learn, its still the 21st here where I live. But I can’t buy it.

    Your sites have some great stuff so I’m sure ill spend the deposited money at some point. Not any time soon though, I’m still a tad miffed about it.

    Otherwise it was a great idea.

  • rzepak says:

    I hope ScottWills also got some bonus for his idea ;D

  • Chubby says:

    Love the sites – love the idea – love the ARTISTS – Good Job on giving your company a public face by socializing it and giving back to the community.

    Keep up the good work and stay true to your roots and beginnings DON’T TURN INTO TEMPLATEMONSTER – lol