An Important Clarification on the New Maximum Earnings Feature

We’ve been informed by support staff that there has been some confusion regarding the new “Maximum Earnings” feature for authors.

This feature is designed to allow authors to request their maximum earnings for the month at any time during the month. This means that an author can now go to their earnings page at any time during the month of March (for example) and tick a box that ensures the sum total of their earnings for March will be sent to them automatically.

Please note that this feature is NOT intended for automatic withdrawals over multiple months. It needs to be ticked each month for the maximum withdrawal to be made and transferred to your account. So for each month you wish to receive your maximum earnings for that month you MUST go in and tick the “All Earnings” option.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion regarding the use of this new feature and hope it’s use is now clear. If you have any questions please direct them to Support who will be happy to help.