About the Web Services Licence

We’ve gotten some feedback that there’s been some confusion about the web services licence, so here’s the scoop:

  • The licence is only available for ThemeForest files and FlashDen site templates.
  • The licence is for buyers who wish to buy a site template for use on a web service such as a blog platform.

So for example if Blogger.com wanted to use a ThemeForest theme on their service so that anybody who created a Blogger.com account could have that theme applied to their blog, then they would buy the Web Services Licence. Similarly if a customer wanted to create a site that lets their customers create a hosted online portfolio and wanted a Flash template for customers to use, then they would need a Web Services Licence.

Because of the nature of the usage the price point is much higher (50 times the normal price).

As you probably know already, you are free to opt out of this licence at any time, and every file is listed as available under that licence unless otherwise specified by the author.

If you have any queries about this new licence, please direct them to support who will be happy to help.


  • digitalhenry says:

    How much of the purchased license would be going to the author who created the template?

  • Brandon says:

    Thanks for the clarification Cyan – I think this is a great idea for a new license (although it’s caused a lot of heat in the forums) – I certainly hope that it’s picked up by some of the major web host/publishers. I think everyone is interested to see if anyone (including the major pubs) will start forking over the dough for this premium license.