New WP Video Series, and Free Rockstar Book!

You asked, and we responded! Due to high demand, we’re launching a new video series that will run alongside the “Diving into PHP” screencasts. It is our hope that these two series, viewed back-to-back, will turn you into a dynamite PHP/WordPress designer.

To help promote this fantastic new series, hosted by Drew Douglass of, we’ll be giving away fifteen copies of the just-released “How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer” ebook today!

How Do I Enter?

Easily – just follow these steps.

How to be a WordPress Rockstar

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Day 1: Installation

Be sure to click on the “Full Screen Toggle” to move to full screen.

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  • I got as far as Username, password. I typed in admin I had copied the password from the previous page and pasted it into Password. I receive an ERROR: incorrect password. lost your password message. I can get no farther. Trying to send myself the message via the email option obviously doesn’t work. I did try :)

    Earlier when I installed the wordpress I got the following errors (see screen shot) but the username and password dialog boxes appeared I copied the password and hit the button, this worked bringing me to a login page

    What is the problem? Anyone

  • I googled and found a wordpress forum that suggested opening the wp-config.php and changing the $table_prefix = ‘wp_’; to $table_prefix = ‘wp1_’; then go to site address. I did this and the process went smoothly. setting up as per a new blog.

    Clearly the database had gotten confused somewhere along the process, sorted.

    I got into admin changed my password and can potter around Dashboard, ‘just like’ on the web. I look forward to following the rest of your video tutorial.

  • Nice article, thanks!

  • vanessa says:

    Loving the WordPress tuts – more please!
    My WordPress Quick Tip – more beginner help needed x

  • Евсей says:

    С Днем тестировщика! С праздником!