New Twitter-Exclusive Quick-Tip Video Series

Last week, I launched a new exclusive quick-tip series for our Twitter followers. What makes this screencast series unique is that they’re all five minutes or less, and the topic for each entry comes straight from the community! As these will not be posted on the blogs, the only way to stay up to date is to follow Nettuts+ and ThemeForest!

Just for a one-time sample, here are the first two quick tips.

How to Make Rounded Corners with CSS and JavaScript.

How to Add a Drop-Shadow Across All Browsers


  • C.44 says:

    Thank god for RSS :D Anyway, Jeffrey, i was trying to add a comment to the codeigniter ep.5 post on nettuts but it just won’t show up. As if there’s a certain limit on the number of comments being shown.

    Any idea when these will be on iTunes (these two and the ep5 of the codeigniter tut) ?

    Thanks for the effort :)

  • sunny says:

    good tips :)

  • Murray says:

    I really like the idea of these quick tips. Nothing too long, but still full of good reference information.

  • Jermaine says:

    I hnever new about the jquery rounded corner method for IE thanks, by the way you should do more stifflike this It beats reading any day.

  • Rafael says:

    Are you going to use screenr for all your screencasts now? Because it looks really nice. Also thanks for the tips.

  • stigma says:

    My god, just what i’ve bee looking for. Thanks a lot!


  • Shibi Kannan says:

    very nice quick tips. I really like screenr and best of all its free

  • Rsturim says:

    Real nice … thanks Jeffrey

  • ADA says:

    foarte bun +1 ;)

  • cuijiudai says:

    Tutorials like this also good!!!thank you !!

  • Robert DeBoer says:

    Great idea – love it.

    A small warning about the jQuery corners plugin – it works by manipulating the background, not the actual border.
    So if you set a border and then use this, I believe the border will still stay square and the background will curve.
    This also affects background images. If you have a body background image for instance and you apply corners to the div, you will get a white background in the corners instead of seeing through to the body background image.

  • cuijiudai says:

    Round corner works terrible in chrome and opera……

  • Al says:

    Screenr looks good but 5 minutes is really rushed from what I can see.

    Not sure if the screencasts can be edited or not, to get around problems you may have when making them.

    Some of the ones being posted so far are OK, other are not. I don’t like the ones done on the dark background with light letters, just does not work for me, very hard to read.

    I usually like to follow along and type up the code for the screencast so I can test the example. I can’t type fast enough for the 5-minute cast and have to pause it to keep up.

    anyhow an interesting new addition to the web,


  • Yasin says:

    Thanks for such a good tutorial.
    I have question how to add gradient image in rounded corner div using this method can any body help me.

  • Yasin says:

    I try it but it have problem in all IE it shows a rounded div on top of a square div

    please solve this problem.

  • Yasin says:

    Rounded corner tricks not working on IE browser please solve this problem

  • Desheng says:

    Awesome. Thank you Jeffrey.

  • Tholithemba says:

    Hello Jeffrey

    I was just browsing the net this morning and i happened to come across this website:

    I like the way it’s done… can you please show us how was this done, i think it’s pure genius :)

    Chwck it everyone and tell me what you think