Diving into PHP: Day 6

Using the “includes” feature allows you to easily import sections of your website without having to copy and paste from page to page. The advantage of this is that, when you need to make a correction, you only to edit one file.

Day 6: Including Files

Download the Source Code


  • deyons says:

    Hey jeff i hope you feel better, I hate getting up in the morning feeling crappy. I just wanted to say thank you for the screencast and and taking time out from your day to put together these screen cast. As a beginner I must say you get very detailed in your lessons and explain your process very well. I think some people leaving comments need to understand most of these cast are for beginners like I. -=)

  • Sambir says:

    Get Well Soon Jeff. In the meantime I’m waiting for Day 7 of Diving into PHP, I’m watching your older videos and tutorials. All of them are great. Thank you so much

  • vasko says:

    Jeff, I hope you get well soon..

  • Tsalagi says:

    Jeff. Thanks for these screencasts. “Diving in” is appropriate. Since I am an absolute beginner, I would like to see some real world examples or explainations of why one should use certain techniques. For example, the use of includes and require. You say in the screencast that it is up to us to use it as we see fit. If we are beginners, how are we to know which one is better in a given situation without an example? By example I mean showing a live website, comparing and contrasting each example. I realize your time is limited and want to thank you again for this series.

  • Tsalagi says:

    I want to say get well and get rest easy. Your a driven person, and love your craft as shown in your commitment to helping others learn. Thanks to you and good health in the future. Before I posted my last, I didn’t realize you have not been feeling well. Again, thanks for your love of the code and the willingness to share.

  • Chris says:

    Hey Jeff. The series has been great. I had been confused about php picking up bit and pieces. But then i discovered this series and i can truely say it got me on track.

    Just wondering if you are going to continue the series…7,8? either way I was hoping you could show some of the more practicle uses in the tutorials and what we learn can be used for.

  • Neel says:

    thx Jeff. Keep up the good work

  • Dorin says:

    Great tutorial! I want to see how you’re going to build a search engine!

  • Angel says:

    great screencast. I’ll be using this one for my websites

  • Agam More says:

    Thank you !!
    Great Screen cast! you gave me new ideas!
    Id like to see DB stuff later, thank you!

  • hassan says:

    cool thanks