Diving into PHP: Day 13

Hey everyone. Just a note that Day 13 of this series was posted on the nettuts+ blog. I’m hoping to attract more subscribers, so that we can ultimately put even more effort into bringing you great tutorials. Feel free to ask questions on either site. Watch it now!


  • henry says:

    your tutorials are always welcomed thanks for the hard work! :)

  • Dan says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    You seem to be pushing this course quite a bit so I thought I’d drop a line to re-iterate how helpful it is. I need to learn PHP for a college course and it’s been a massive help in combination with the book I’ve been using.

    It’s very good for confidence seeing it done and doing it at the same time. Getting those quick insights into key areas is good too. Beats looking at 100 pages of the book and feeling a bit deflated.

    I’ll definitely send anyone I know who wants to learn PHP in this direction.



  • Jeff Adams says:

    I saw amd of and have seen it, nice work. I did a job vacancy site a while ago and you’d be amazed how hard I found it to let them upload their CV’s (resumes to you Americans).

    Great tutorial – found this particularly useful because of the above, in fact every single video has proven to give me an idea of how to do something new!

  • Pedro Bernardo says:

    Hello Jeffrey,
    Can you tell me what’s the software you use for creating your screencasts ?

  • Kevin says:

    I think that an “Advanced Diving into PHP” serie would be a great thing to go a bit further ;)

    Great Job Jeff !

  • john says:

    Some further education on php http://www.phpvideotutorials.com/free

  • David says:

    Hi Jeffrey

    I love watching your tutorials, you really do a great job!!!
    I appreciate the php tutorials a lot but I got some problem.

    I make a project-management tool and I want to know how it works to upload files, I mean all files not only jpgs.

    Maybe you can make a tutorial on this too or just please answer per email.

    Thanks a lot

  • Meshach says:

    Thank you soooo much Jeffrey!

    I can’t comprehend how one man can do so much work in so little time?

  • Hassan says:


    He uses Camtasia Studio 5 or 6 for most of his screencasts!

    You can get that software (30 day trial) from http://www.camtasia.com.



  • Anupam Rekha says:

    Thanks Jeff for your help to build the concepts. Good to be asociated to you and themforest.

  • marclapatate says:

    hi! im at day 7 and me code dosent work i dont now why can some one help me it tell me allwese good but i tell dont add !@$#%$
    here me code

    Untitled Document

    Quel est ton nom?

    sorry for me english im french

  • marclapatate says:

    Untitled Document

    Quel est ton nom?

    i put space

  • marclapatate says:


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    Quel est ton nom?


  • marclapatate says:

    sorry for all post please delete them here a screen

  • Jeffrey says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m just following your screencasts for a little week now. I’m by day 8 now. But I was wondering what for Plugin doe you use there on Notepad++? It’s look very usefull!

    I hope you answer my question!

    Thanks for your fantastic tutorial,

  • marclapatate says:

    DW from adobe you can find it on relode paradis utorren … master kit adobe

  • Jeffrey says:

    But on day8 he use Notepad++, whit that ’selector’ thingey.

  • eric says:


    I concur with everyone else. This and the Wordpress tuts are an outstanding resource for folks who are new to php. Please keep up the generosity.

    Could you provide a teaser as to what is offered on the paid side? With everything you have provided for free I hope the paid access is worth the money.


  • Darwin says:

    I’ve just watched all your jQuery and PHP Screencast.
    Good stuff I wish I have found it a week earlier cause I would be alot further in my project.

    One question:
    You use a Firefox Plugin/Menu to turn on/off javascript and css but I missed the name. (I was in one of the jQuery casts).

    Thanks for the Great Stuff


  • Jermaine says:

    Thanks jeff another great fast learning php video can’t wait for the next one.

  • Rick Bross says:

    Hey, i would love to see a more advances series called, “A Firm Grip of PHP”.