Rockstar WordPress Designer On Sale Today!

In the last few years WordPress has been growing as an essential tool in the web designer toolkit. Between regular blog themes and the increasing number of themes that turn WordPress into anything from a portfolio site to a shop, its use as a general purpose CMS has made it a staple of web design tutorials and galleries.

So I’m very happy to announce that after many months of work, our latest Rockable Press book is on sale – How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer, co-authored by myself and Harley Alexander – whom you of course know from tutorials on NETTUTS!

The book covers pretty much everything to do with theming, with three main examples: a blog, a portfolio and a general purpose site. There’s lots of general knowledge, ideas for how to manipulate WordPress in other ways and the book comes with all three themes to use and dissect.

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Who’s it aimed at?

You’ll need a good knowledge of basic web design – HTML and CSS in particular – but the book doesn’t assume you know anything about either PHP or WordPress.

Is it up to date for WordPress 2.7?

It sure is, we’ve added a section about comment threading and updated general admin details to match the new interface.

Will it be available in print, or only online?

The book is currently a PDF Ebook only and is packaged with Photoshop PSD files, HTML, and the three themes. We’re looking now at getting a print version available with an accompanying CD, but it might be a little while.

How much does it cost? Is there a refund policy?

The book costs US$29 which is a bit of an investment, but I’m confident you’ll find it’s worth it. Still if you don’t we have a 100% money back guarantee, as I know in these tough economic times you don’t want to go spending money willy nilly!

What’s next?

With WordPress Designer out of the way, I’m now hard at work on our next title – Rockstar Blogger! I’m optimistically hoping it’ll be finished in the next couple of months, but since the last two titles took way longer than I predicted, you may wish to take that with a grain of salt :-)

We also have two minibooks on their way – one on networking, one on passive income! For updates on Rockable Press releases, just join our Rockin’ List, you’ll receive a free copy of Rockstar Personal Branding AND we send out discount vouchers and periodic promotions for the books – particularly at launch time!

A quick note:
Some of you may remember that a few months back I mentioned we would be giving this book away freely via ThemeForest as a promotion. Sadly that plan got ditched along the way when the book took too long to complete, and we instead ran Web Design Week. Sorry about any confusion from me changing plans midway! :-S


  • Don Wilson says:

    Thanks Collis!!! I’ve been excited for this book for a long time.

  • Chris says:

    I waited for 9 months to get this for free. What a big disappointment.

  • Chandra says:

    Yep, its a big disappointment…

    You don’t mention at all, if you mention follow that.. there are a LOT of people waiting for this book to be released for free.

    Unfortunately, its a really sad thing.

  • I’m not sure where you guys heard it was coming out for free. I remember when it was first mentioned, it said jump on the mailing list and get $10 off, which I did, and I bought mines today.

    I haven’t read it yet. But I’m sure it will be great like everything else that these guys create.

  • Wassim says:

    @Chris & Chandra

    How would it be a BEST SELLER if it does not SELL ;-)

  • Chris Simpson says:

    Collis and Harley really know their stuff, i will definately be purchasing and definately *not* be moaning that its not free. Look at all the free resources that envato are releasing to the community – the screencast series’ for one!

    I dont think anyone can legitimatly moan that you have to pay for this book!? think of all the time, effort and resources that Harley have put in!

    Great stuff guys.

  • ThaClown says:

    pfff! not FREE?! Who cares, I just bought the PDF and trust me it worth the 25 bucks!

    With all the Free information on PSDTUTS, NETTUTS, etc. it seems more then fair to pay al little for this great info…

    Thanks alot for this book, I also bought the Rockstar Freelancer paperback, I cant wait!

  • ThaClown says:

    9 months wait to save 25 bucks??? That is just stupid!

  • Johnny B says:

    An announcement was made on nettuts that it will be free for themeforest account holders, has this been reversed?

  • Daan says:

    I thought this would be released for free? However I will not moan about it, I’ll probably just buy it soon :)
    (I can get it for $19 because I’m a rockstar member woohoo!)

  • marc says:

    ppl, imagine yourself 3 months workin on a project for free. don’t tell me you don’t need to eat, drink, buy shoes, whatever. I would be ashamed by takin one’s sweat and sorrow for nuthin. you buy a book, read it and load yourself with a certain amount of knowledge. that’s something no one can ever take away from you, that’s knowledge. it’s worth some money, no matter what ya say!

  • Hey guys!

    Look, @Chris (who seems to have commented on a few sites complaining) and all those asking about the ‘free’ promise. We did say that it would be free. We broke that promise and we’re sorry that we couldn’t released it for free. I assure you that the decision to release it for cost was not easy. Collis and I had a long email discussion questioning this idea, and we decided on selling it for $29 because of all the manpower and time and effort put into it.

    I promise we both had the right mindset, and we both wanted to release it for free, both had real integrity problems with it. It was a tough decision but we had to make it.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, we came up with the Voucher idea as a counter measure for those who would complain about the price. Can’t please everybody I guess. Hope you all enjoy the book and I’m once again sorry that we couldn’t satisfy everybody.



  • AdrianMG says:

    It’s not neccesary say sorry for sell your work.

  • josie says:

    i’ve heard alot about this book… all good things of course, i think i may cough up the $29 for it… btw $29 is a good/fair price dont be sorry you put alot into it its worth it :)