10 Unique Examples of RSS Feed Designs

The rss icon has become a symbol of “web 2.0″ and the new era of web design that the past years have seen. While designing, it is easy to overlook the rss icon and its importance to many buyers. All too often, the rss icon is one of the last things we “throw” on a design to fill in some content. Today, we will have a look at 10 creative and unique uses of the rss feed icon.

1.Web Designer Wall

In sticking with the paper and scratchy look of this beautiful design, WDW uses a small but noticeable grungy rss icon that has a very nice effect when hovered.


On Hover:

RSS 1 Hover

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2.Design Showcase by Kriesi

This one is brought to us by one of our own, ThemeForest member Kriesi has designed and coded a beautiful theme and rss feed icon, with a lovely jQuery effect on hover.


On Hover:


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3.Photoshop Lady

Photoshop Lady uses a really fun character to reinforce the idea of an rss feed along with some nice persepective changes for a unique look.


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Hebatec is another wonderful paper themed website that uses two textured tags to emphasize their rss feed.

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5.Us Trendy

Swirly, fun, and bursting with color. Us Trendy re-inforces their design concept by using a smaller version of this design for the rss feed located in the footer.


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6.CSS Globe

When it doubt, just put it on a cracker. Maybe not, but it certainly worked out well for CSS Globe, whose design comforts us and makes us feel at home.


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7.Best Creative Web

Who doesnt want their RSS feed presented to them by Jimmy Neutron himself? This little character draws the eye in to the icon while remaining fun and playful.


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8.LoonDesign by Kailoon

One of ThemeForest best designers and also a reviewer, Kailoon shows us how to keep it simple and interesting by making small changes to an rss icon.

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Here we have a really unique and effective custom designed rss icon, which matches the sites logo reinforcing the content and branding.


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FatorW does a great job by using 1 icon to serve for two purposes. Instead of clogging the sidebar with multiple rss icons for different feeds, the user is lead via a grungy line to his feed of choice.


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Remember to get creative with those rss icons if it will be an important part of your site or theme, feel free to share tour favorites with us in the comments section!