Building Better Template Documentation

Since I’ve started reviewing templates, I’ve seen non-existent template documentation up to screen-cast tutorials covering much more than required. In the long run, a more thorough documentation will save you time.

Building on the Help File Template by Jeffrey, I’ve put together an HTML version to step it up a notch.


Free File of the Month: August 2009

Free File of the Month

I’m pleased to announce that this month’s free file comes courtesy of Epicera. Many of you know him as the author of the extremely popular Atlantica theme. Fortunately, he’s allowed us to offer the PSD of this wonderful theme for the entire month of August!

Author : Epicera

File : Atlantica PSD

The Atlantica PSD Package features 2 full PSD files featuring over 10 style variations and 4 primary page layouts (Home, Generic Content Page w/submenu, Blog Post, Portfolio).

The “Atlantica” theme is a bold, clean, and professional layout that is ideal for artists, designers, photographer, and other creatives that are in need of a portfolio template that is professional and “to the point”. Even if you don’t need the huge image gallery page, this template will also work great for sites that need to showcase a few images above each content-page in a slick, sophisticated way.

Download Here


You are granted ONE free usage of the item in a project either commercial or non-commercial. You may not use the file in multiple projects unless you purchase licenses in the usual way. You may not redistribute the item in any way. If you need a different license for this file, you may purchase it here (link).

More From Epicera

A huge thank you goes out to “Epicera” for generously offering this template to the community. Brandon has quickly proven himself to be one of my favorites authors on ThemeForest. Thanks again!

Don’t Forget the Other Marketplaces! More Free Files.

10 Typography Tips to Bring your Skills to the Next Level

An often overlooked aspect of web design, by those just starting out, is typography. In fact, web designers that have been around for a couple years even have a tendency to overlook and undervalue the power of typography. Don’t be mistaken though, it’s one of the most powerful tools web designers have.

In this article, we’ll review ten web typography tips that will bring your typographic design skills to the next level.


Creating an AJAX Web App Using the API

Over the past few years, the web has seen an explosion in the number of URL shorteners. A lot of this growth is due to popular microblogging and social networking sites such as Twitter. With this growth, comes the demand for custom use and the ability for developers to create their own apps to take advantage of the shortening service. Today, we will use Twitter’s url shortener of choice and create an AJAX web app using the API and the jQuery library.


By Popular Demand: The Resale Licence

We have been getting a LOT of requests from buyers wanting a licence to use files in products for resale, so we’ve made one!

The licence is called the Single Use Conditional Resale Permitted Licence ["Conditional Resale"]. You can read about it here.

Right now every author is automatically opted-out, so you will need to opt in if you wish to sell your files under this licence (see instructions below).

The Conditional Resale licence allows a file to be used in an item for resale, and it’s priced at 50 times the cost of a standard single use licence.

So for instance, you could buy this licence if you wanted to:

  1. Put a GraphicRiver graphic on a t-shirt for sale in a store.
  2. Put a FlashDen preloader into a Flash theme for sale.
  3. Put a VideoHive video and an AudioJungle loop into software that would allow people to make their own custom video with music.
  4. Put a ThemeForest theme into software that would allow people to create intranets.

How Do I Opt-In?

If you wish to offer your file under this licence, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to your Account page.
  2. Go the the Edit tab.
  3. Click on Item Licences.
  4. Click the boxes next to the licence name to opt-in.
  5. Press Save!

If you have any questions support will be happy to answer them!

Top 25 iPhone Apps for Designers and Web Developers

Oh the iPhone… The magical device that makes our lives a little easier and a little more fun. What makes the iPhone so great is the applications available for it. In the words of a friend via Twitter, “Dude, there’s an app for that”. Quite literally, the iPhone app store has an application for just about everything.

After recently getting setup on the iPhone, the first thing I did was start searching for the best applications for my day to day work as a designer and web developer.


10 Wonderful WordPress Templates That are Setting Trends

Many recent templates on ThemeForest are proving to be trend-setters. Not only are they unique, but they’re also, more importantly, extremely usable. Let’s review just a handful of some of the stand-outs.


Working with Sessions and Cookies in PHP and MYSQL

Security is an essential component for any site to be successful. However, adding security can increase overhead and annoy your users if not done properly. In this tutorial, I will discuss common problems that are encountered when using sessions and cookies.


25 Essential Web Services for Designers

Sometimes, it can be difficult to track down all of the amazing web services that are available around the web. In this list, we’ll show you 25 essential services that all designers should consider using.


200,000 Members and Counting!

The Envato marketplaces have reached a new milestone – we’ve surpassed 200,000 members!

It feels like only yesterday that we were celebrating 100,000 members. In fact, it was less than 3 years ago that we celebrated our very first member!

Our 200,000th member, Adreher, has been credited with US$200 to spend on the marketplaces as a little thank you for joining us. Thank you to everyone who’s joined us to buy files, sell work, or just contribute to the community.

On August 21st Envato will be 3 years old, and we have a big celebration planned (hint: authors will be especially happy with this one)! So stay tuned, and here’s to the next 100,000 members!