ThemeForest Community Sound-Off

As ThemeForest has literally turned into a power-house marketplace in this last year, more and more designers are making template designing their full-time jobs. With this surge in popularity, ThemeForest is going through some changes. Beginning tomorrow, we’ll be hosting a monthly community chat to discuss these changes/enhancements/etc.

This is your chance to sound off on any complaints, ideas for improvements, irritations; and at the very least, you’ll have a chance to chat with your forum buddies on a more personal level.

I assure you that all voices will be considered and passed on to the Envato directors for review. The first chat will begin tomorrow, September 23rd at 5:00 (US Central Time). Please refer here to determine the correct time in your city.


At 5:00 PM (US Central Time), join the chat!

AudioJungle is Giving Away Free iPods!


Our friends, over at AudioJungle are celebrating their 10,000th audio file submission. To spread the happiness, they’re raffling off some great prizes that you’ll definitely want to check out.

“AudioJungle is celebrating its 10,000th audio file! Our library of outstanding, royalty free, stock audio has now grown to over 10,000 items. We reached this huge milestone in the past couple of days and we would like nothing more than to celebrate this outstanding achievement, with you, our authors and customers!”

Competition Ends September 24th!

A big congratulation goes out to the AudioJungle crew. Great work!

New Featured Author of the Week: Joefrey

  • Author’s Username: Joefrey
  • Member Since: September, 2008
  • Location: Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

How Come?

Joefrey is one of those authors who blows us away with every new template submission. His taste level is pitch perfect, and the wonderful sales of his numerous items proves as much!

Portfolio Sample

Simple Black and White

“Simple Black and White is a very clean and minimalism template, it’s great for portfolio and business purposes. The Contact form is ready to use.”

Good Business

“Good Business is a very clean business template. It can be use for 1 or 2 column layout. Has a beautiful sidebar navigation and breadcrumbs of every inside page for you to easy to navigate. Contact page is functional and ready to use.”

Paper Business

“Paper business is an eye catching template – table less and a valid xhtml/css. A functional and ready to use contact form is also included. It has 4 colour variations to choose from; namely, blue, gray, green and orange.”


“Simplicity is a web 2.0 and clean theme that suited for business, blogs and portfolio. It allows for Twitter updates and uses the jQuery cycle plugin for fading in and out. The contact form is also ready to use.”

Extremely Important Tax Rules for Freelance Designers in the United States

Do you have to pay taxes on earnings you make online?

I’ll make this short and sweet: YES! If you live in the United States, you owe taxes on any money you make, whether it be online, offline, or in some alternate universe that the IRS has an ability to track (and they will be able to track it, I promise).


Required Online Backup Solutions for Designers

Ensuring that all your files are safe and secure is a must for any web designer. This article assesses a variety of different online services that have proven to be the most affordable and popular over the years.


Display Anything you want from the Envato API using PHP

First, Envato released their beta version of the API, aptly named Edge. Now, we have a stable and fantastic API to work with that is super powerful and super simple. The latest version (at the time of writing) is release v1. In part one of this two part series, we will look at how to access every single public set from the Envato API and learn how to display it with php.


New Featured Author: Pixelcraft

  • Author’s Username: Pixelcraft
  • Member Since: August, 2008
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland

How Come?

Though Pixelcraft originally signed up a year ago, he’s only recently submitted his first template on ThemeForest – one that has quickly skyrocketed up the charts. amassing over 300 sales! That alone warrants a feature this week!

Portfolio Sample


“Minimo is a simple and attractive one page portfolio showcase theme. This theme is built using the grid system framework, giving it a structured and professional look and features custom designed icons. Included is a form mail script, so the entire site works out of the box, simply add your destination email address.”

Create a Funky Parallax Background Effect using jQuery

In this tutorial, we’ll be using JQuery to take a horizontally scrolling website and add a parallax scrolling background effect reminiscent of old-school 2D platform games like Sonic the Hedgehog.


New Redesign Sneak Peek

For those of you who haven’t yet checked it out in the newsletter or forums, we’ve leaked a couple of screenshots of the redesigned forums – check out the screenshots below!

As you all know, the Envato marketplaces are going through an extensive redesign which we’ll be launching by the end of this month.

Besides giving the sites a bit of a facelift, we’ve done our best to take on board as much of your feedback as possible, and added many new features in order to make the marketplaces even better! :-)

I wanted to give everyone a ‘sneak peek’ of what you can expect, so here’s a couple of screenshots based on our new and improved Forums.


We hope you like them, and we wanted to say a special ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s supported us and given us great feedback over the years!

We’re all working hard to add the finishing touches, but you can expect the grand unveiling by the end of the month. Stay tuned!

7 RSS to Email/SMS Services you can use for your Item Feed!

A comment that comes up fairly often on the ThemeForest Forums is the question of being notified of new comments on your item page. The answer to this question is almost always, “subscribe to your comment feed via rss and you can check it anytime”. This is true, you can actually subscribe to your own comment feed by going to and replacing the username with your username.

While this is nice and convenient, most users would rather not have to check their item feed a few times a day to see if anyone has commented. While I know this is an issue/feature the devs may work on for the future, we can fix the issue utilizing third party scripts and services. Today, we will have a quick look at 7 RSS to email/sms services you can use to automatically get informed of comments on your item!