ThemeForest Week In Review

Dare I say it’s been yet another fantastic week in the Forest? Of course! So what’s been going on this last week? How about the FlashDen name change, new Apple iMacs, Envato testimonials and more. Okay, so many of these topics aren’t limited to ThemeForest but they’ve definitely involved us in a significant way.

So let’s take a look at an interview with rockstar author System32, some fantastic new items in the marketplace and other great stuff from this last week.


New Featured Author of the Week: simonbouchard

  • Author’s Username: simonbouchard
  • Member Since: February, 2008
  • Location: Montreal, Canada

How Come?

Simon only recently began actively selling on ThemeForest. Though he’s been a member of the Envato marketplaces for nearly two years, he only became an official part of the ThemeForest community in August. With that said, he’s already accumulated an impressive 500 sales, which is a fantastic accomplish for any author, let alone a first-time author.


Deleting Multiple Records with PHP

Sometimes, your users might want to delete more than one record at a time; this tutorial will show you how to do so. Using PHP and a MySQL database, I’ll take you step-by-step and even throw in a simple zebra striping technique using jQuery.


Are you Following your Favorite Authors?

If you like the work of a particular author, why not follow them? By following authors, you can see their newest items on the right hand side of the home page when you’re logged in. It’s an easy way to keep up to date with the newest and best items on all the marketplaces every time you log in.

How do I follow authors?

To follow a particular author, simply visit their user page and click the Follow button on the right hand side. Once you are following an author, you will begin to see their items for sale on your home page within the grid to the right hand side of the page. Simply click on the thumbnail to view the full item page.

If you no longer wish to follow an author (ie. no longer see their items on your home page), go back to their user page and click Unfollow. Simple as that!

How can I encourage others to follow me?

If you’re an author, having as many people following you as possible is a great way to gain lots of exposure for your files! If you want to request that members follow you, you can use the Follow Link:[usernamehere]/follow

All you need to do is place your username where it says [usernamehere] and any member who clicks on the link will automatically be following you!

Please ensure you make it clear what the “Follow” link is for whenever using it.

More questions?

Don’t forget to refer to the Envato Wiki if you have additional questions.

ActiveDen and Activetuts: New Names, Same Awesome Content

For just over three fantastic years FlashDen has been the jewel in Envato’s crown. It is our longest running and most active community, and thanks to the amazing authors who showcase their work there, has become the largest marketplace for Adobe Flash files in the world with over 8,500 items for sale.

Last week Adobe asked us to change our name and URL so that it would no longer contain the term ‘Flash’, which is a registered trademark of Adobe. We know that the success of our sites is about the community and content, not the names. So here at Envato HQ we’ve been busy thinking up new names and we think we’ve found a great new home for both our marketplace and our Tuts+ blog on Flash.

As of today the two sites now live at ActiveDen and Activetuts+. (more…)

ThemeForest Week In Review

It’s been another fantastic week in the Forest! We have a fresh, new category emerging (Virtual Business Card Templates), a fun “Post your desktop” thread, Blog Action Day and much, much more. Let’s take a look at some things you may have missed this last week.


All of the BAD Articles in the Envato Network

It’s Blog Action Day! Considering the fact that Envato created this wonderful event, it’s only appropriate that all of the sites in our network participate as much as possible! Here’s a list of all of our BAD related postings today!

This post is part of Blog Action Day 2009, a worldwide initiative started by Envato founders Collis and Cyan Ta’eed, now being run by Blog Action Day exists to change the conversation on the web for one day by uniting thousands of bloggers around one important issue – this year, Climate Change. It’s not too late to register your blog and participate.


New Featured Author of the Week: Settysantu

  • Author’s Username: settysantu
  • Member Since: July, 2008
  • Location: Hyderabad, India

How Come?

Santosh Setty has learned one of the keys to earning as much as possible on the Envato marketplace: frequency. Few authors are able to submit quality items as frequently as he. As a result, each day, he can look forward to sales from any of his 30+ available items.


7 Things I Wish I Had Known About jQuery

This article is mostly aimed at people who are just starting to learn jQuery. I assume you know the following:


ThemeForest Week in Review

New marketplace features, Google Wave and a new Envato marketplace WordPress plugin. There’s never a dull moment in the Envatosphere, deep in the forest! Let’s take a look back at the week and catch up on a few things you might have missed.