ThemeForest Beta Launch Imminent

Well I’ve just gotten word from the development team that the staging server is looking shipshape, so we should be up for all the beta invitees to get in to the site tomorrow morning (Australian time)! 

If you haven’t gotten your beta invite, we had three sites giving them away – CSS-Tricks, NETTUTS and FlashDen’s Down the Foxhole, of the three only Down the Foxhole has a few invites left, so hurry over and grab one now!

In the meantime I’ve still got some writing to do to make sure all the upload documentation is ready to go for tomorrow!

A Crash-Course in Regular Expressions

Hi everyone. I originally released this screencast back when this blog only had about two hundred subscribers. Lately, many of our new readers have been asking me about using regular expressions. So, I decided to bump this one back to the top. I hope you enjoy it!

To a novice web developer, regular expressions look like the most scary thing on the planet. Who could possibly dismantle such a block of code and decipher its meaning? Luckily, its bark is much worse than its bite. You’ll quickly find that regular expressions are rather straight-forward and easy to understand – once you learn the syntax.