Marketplace API Round-up

What’s an “API”? A Pink Igloo? A Pig Itching? Not quite.

The Marketplace’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows the development of applications with access to a range of data from all the marketplaces such as the most popular and latest files. More sensitive data such as your account balance, recent sales, and monthly statements can also be accessed securely using your individual API key!

So what? I’m a designer – why should I be interested in geeky code interface stuff? Well, using the API you can develop apps/sites for your mobile, your desktop, or even your blog. Did I mention you can even design and style your applications however you want? Now that’s pretty cool, right?!

Since the Marketplace API was released about 6 months ago, several authors have jumped in feet first to develop some outstanding contributions for the community.

Let’s see what’s been going on…


ThemeForest Week in Review

The Email Templates category is growing with great new items and they’re selling like hotcakes! We’ll take a quick peek at two new items in that category, check out this week’s interview with Hein and catch up on anything else you might have missed this last week.


New Featured Author of the Week: MetaLab

To our American readers: Happy Thanksgiving! But that doesn’t stop us from having a new featured author of the week. Today, we’re featuring a brand new author who has taken it upon himself to jumpstart our Tumblr offerings: metalab


Buy Now, Better Deposit Expiry and Fees for Bank Transfer Payments

The last 9 months we’ve been working hard on the financial parts of our system. During this time we’ve been building a better, more bulletproof accounting system into the app. It’s the kind of super important work that for the most part nobody notices, but ensures everything is working as it should. Along the way we’ve also been working on some other aspects which WILL be noticeable, and I’d like to tell you about three of them:

ThemeForest Week in Review

This week we’re changing gears and getting some great feedback for our authors from this week’s interview with an avid buyer, chickscanfly. ThemeForest has also launched a brand new, long awaited category, Email Templates!

We’ll get started with our buyer interview, check out some awesome Email Templates and catch up on much more you may have missed this last week.


New Featured Author of the Week: Gyro


  • Author’s Username: Gyro
  • Member Since: January, 2009
  • Location: Singapore


Our Newest Category on ThemeForest: Email Templates

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our newest category on ThemeForest: email templates! If you happen to be in need of an email client friendly newsletter for your business, we’ve got you covered. For $8 – $10 dollars, you can avoid the hassles of inline styles, email compatibility, and tables! Why rip your hair out when a ten dollar bill can solve the problem?


ThemeForest Week In Review

It’s been a bit of a mellow week here in the forest but only in terms of blog and forum activity. As always, our amazing authors have been busy pumping out stunning new themes, templates and scripts for just about everything.

So let’s start with this week’s interview with one of ThemeForest’s rising authors, Chris Fay.


New Featured Author of the Week: Epicera

New Featured Author of the Week

  • Author’s Username: Epicera
  • Member Since: February, 2009
  • Location: Pasadena, CA

How Come?

My favorite thing about Epicera, or Brandon Jones, is that he really approaches ThemeForest as a business, and not as a simple tool to upload themes and make money. He brands himself, he develops extensive auto-responders to answer frequently asked questions, supplies each theme with a custom admin panel, etc. When we add up each of these little “extras,” it’s no wonder why he’s one of the top performing authors on ThemeForest consistently every month.


University Student AND Web Ninja

We’ve previously seen the debate on whether or not you should attend university if you are interested in a web development career, especially when you can just as readily turn to a site like Nettuts+ and save yourself some time and money. Well…