Diving into PHP: Day 9

Starting with day 9, I’m going to begin teaching you some practical uses of PHP. Today, I’ll show you how to detect whether or not a user has visited your site previously. This operation can then be used to add a “welcome” box to your site – that typically encourages the user to sign up, via the RSS feed. It’s easier than you’d think!


New % Rates Now In Effect… and How To Become Exclusive!

The day has finally arrived! As of yesterday, all authors are eligible to earn 40% to 70% of any sale. To do so, authors simply need to sign on to the Envato Exclusivity Program.

What is “exclusivity”? It means that any items you are selling on an Envato Marketplace should only be sold here. You can still sell other items elsewhere, just not the same ones. That way the marketplaces stay unique and offer greater value to our buying community.

I’m Already Exclusive!

If you’ve been exclusive up till now, nothing will change, except in almost every case your rates will immediately jump up. That means not only more cash in your account every month, but also a higher future percentage to aim for. Click here to find out what your new percentage rate is.

I’m Not Exclusive but I Want To Be!

If you’re not already exclusive and wish to be, it’s super super simple! There are no minimum sales needed, so any author can agree to exclusivity immediately! Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to your Account page:


WordPress for Designers: Day 6

Happy Valetines Day everyone! We are back and ready for Wordpress for Designers Day 6 and moving right along with where we left off in Day 5. Today we will continue to split up our theme files in order to allow us more flexibilty when working with our theme. We will also have a look and discuss the Wordpress template hierarchy. In addition, we will be creating and managing our single.php files, which will help us format our individual posts. Let’s get going!


WordPress for Designers: Day 5

Continuing with our WordPress theme development series, today we will learn how to split and call our seperate theme files and include them in our theme. Splitting theme code into different and organized files is a vital part of WordPress development. We will also look at some very helpful php functions and useful WordPress template tags to create our widgetized sidebar.


Diving into PHP: Day 8

Not many people are familiar with “heredocs”. Heredocs allow you to disregard escaping single quotes when typing out long strings. I’ll show you how and when to use them today!


jQuery Slideshows With the Cycle Plugin

jQuery is an awesome framework that is both flexible and robust. If you haven’t done so already, check out Jeffrey Way’s amazing jQuery for Absolute Beginners.


Diving into PHP: Day 7

I’m going to show you how to use regular expressions with PHP. Over the course of about ten minutes, we’ll be reviewing the “preg_match()” and “preg_replace()” functions to validate a form.


WordPress for Designers: Day 4

Day 4 is here, and we’re jumping right back into creating our Wordpress theme from scratch! In this episode, we will have our first look at what is known as the Wordpress loop. We will be using the WordPress loop as well as some handy template tags to start pulling out and displaying content from our database. Lets get started!


WordPress for Designers: Day 3

Moving right along into day three of our Wordpress for Designers series; today we will start creating our own theme from scratch. We will have a close look at how exactly to go about setting up your themes stylesheet and information, as well as creating the index.php page. In addition, we will examine wordpress template tags, what they are, and how to use them properly.


Winners Announced! The Most Incredibly Outstanding Templates.

As most of you know, ThemeForest hosted a fierce competition in January. Our authors competed against one another to win $300 – as well as some helpful promotion on our sister-site, NETTUTS.

After much thought and deliberation, the winners have been selected! Trust me when I say that this wasn’t an easy task – by any means! The quality of the templates this month has far surpassed anything that ThemeForest has previously seen. So without further ado, here are the best ten site templates of January, in no particular order. A huge congratulations goes out to the winners.