Using Eclipse for PHP Development

Eclipse is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) associated most with Java. However, using a powerful plug-in by Zend called PDT we can transform Eclipse into a great IDE for PHP.


Best of the Best

From time to time, we like to send some praise to our top designers. Perhaps more than any other ThemeForest author, OXYLUSDESIGN has proven to be one of our most talented. Though primarily focusing on admin skins, the Oxylus team still finds time to create unique templates that are unlike any other offerings on ThemeForest. So if you’re curious enough, and are in need of a fantastic template for your company or project, be sure to look over our “Best of the Best” collection, and pick one up!


Diving into PHP: Day 13

Hey everyone. Just a note that Day 13 of this series was posted on the nettuts+ blog. I’m hoping to attract more subscribers, so that we can ultimately put even more effort into bringing you great tutorials. Feel free to ask questions on either site. Watch it now!

Diving into PHP: Day 12

We’ll take a short break from working with MySQL in order to analyze how to work with the file system. Today, you’ll learn how to use the “file” function, as well as “fopen”, “fgets”, and “fputs”.


How to Create PDF Files With PHP

PDF is the de-facto electronic document standard because of its security and integrity. Making a PDF isn’t limited to high-end desktop software though; they can be created quite easily on the fly from your web application. Add in a sprinkle of free code, and you got one great recipe for PDF-ala-mode! In this tutorial I’ll show you with PHP and FPDF.


Introducing Envato’s New Community Manager

So… you’ve got a problem on the sites or perhaps you just want some advice? You know it’s not quite a support issue, and you’re wondering who you can talk to about it. Well, Envato is very happy to announce that there is now someone whose job it is to help you figure out your troubles. His name is Adrien Gardiner (but you might know him as ADG3Studios). :-)

Adrien has been a moderator for some time now, and as such is one of the marketplaces’ most active, respected and knowledgeable members. Adrien will now also be taking on the role of community manager. He will lead the moderation team as our active forums keep growing, and will be there to answer any community related questions you may have. You can reach him via his site mail, or at adrien AT envato DOT com. You can feel free to write to him in English, French, Spanish or Russian.

$300 Referral Contest!

Hi, everyone. It’s a new month. That means we have a new contest to promote! This one will be a bit more simplistic and traditional. All you have to do is create a quick blog post on your website!


WordPress for Designers: Day 9

With the release of Wordpress 2.7 came some awesome new features to the comment section, including threaded comments. Today we will pick up where we left off in Day 8 of the series and continue tweaking our custom comments.php file to perfection. Not only will we cover threaded comments, but how to paginate comments as well! It’s a screencast full of comment enhancements and features, so get ready and let’s do this!


An Important Clarification on the New Maximum Earnings Feature

We’ve been informed by support staff that there has been some confusion regarding the new “Maximum Earnings” feature for authors.


Take Your WordPress Theme to the Next Level

Everyone seems to be creating WP themes for public consumption. Make yours stand out among the rest!