Licensing options are here!

There’s just so much great content on the Envato Marketplaces these days, closing on 20,000 different items. All those items means there’s many, many different uses for them. So we’ve been working to create ways for buyers to purchase different types of licenses for use. Having multiple licensing options means buyers can get exactly what they need, and for authors it means greater potential earnings!

To begin with we’re adding a new multiple use license that means you pay less to get more usage out of an item. Here’s how it works:

1) Buy a Standard Single Use License.
This is the same license as the old default license, to be used when you wish to purchase a file to use on a single project.

2) Buy a 10 Project License for just 3 x the cost of a Single Use License.
A 10 project license means you can use the same file over and over – up to ten times – without having to buy it again and again.

For more information on what each of these license types entails, please visit this page. If you have any queries or concerns at all, please contact support who will be happy to assist you.

Stay tuned for more useful license types in the future.

Thanks and happy shopping!

Simulate Gravity with jQuery

Visual effects on web pages are becoming more and more effective thanks to framework like jQuery. The idea of being able to adjust the look of a page with a click or a button gives the user a bit of extra interaction. This tutorials aims to give you insight of realistic gravity animations with jQuery.


HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery Killer Tutorials

Getting started with HTML, CSS, PHP or jQuery can seem like a daunting task for many beginners. Some people think you need to go to school for these subjects but as many of you already know, there is an abundance of free resources to get you well on your way to becoming a pro in any of these subjects. Here are some killer tutorials and screencast series which cover the most popular topics (HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery).


9 Useful Snippets for Your WordPress Functions

Seeing as how the WordPress category is one of the most successful and popular categories on Themeforest, it seems fit to cover some useful tips on the topic. When it comes to WordPress, many designers seem to be scared off or uninterested in the functions.php file, when really it can be one of the most useful files for your WordPress theme. Today, we will review nine superb code snippets you can use to enhance your theme.


WordPress for Designers: Day 14

Moving full steam ahead with our WordPress series, it’s time to finish our static home page that we have been creating. Today, we will utilize all kinds of cool WordPress tricks and functions to bring our home page together. Get ready for a day full of custom fields, WordPress queries, and special functions!


Regex for Dummies: Day 5

For day five of our series, we’ll examine how to use regular expressions and PHP to “scrape” content from other pages. We’ll be reviewing the preg_match_all function as well as ‘foreach’ statements.


Photos, Images and Icon Resources

Part of what makes a web template, website, blog post, etc. really stand out is high quality icons, photos and other graphics. It’s pretty easy to find tons of icons and photos around the web which you can use for your personal projects, but what about those commercial projects? Here is a great list of resources to find just about anything you need for your personal and commercial projects. You’ll even be able to use most of these resources in your themes and templates you plan on selling at ThemeForest.


Need Some Outstanding Developers to Help With New Secret Category

In early May, ThemeForest will be launching a brand new category that will appeal more to developers than designers – at least from an authoring stand-point. To help seed this new category, we’re in need of around five outstanding developers to help us out. If you’re creative and have the chops, email sitemanager@themeforest to discuss the details and compensation.

* Note – to qualify for this initial seed content, you really need to know your stuff. When you contact us, please include either samples of your work, or your resume. Otherwise, your email will unfortunately be deleted. I’m looking forward to hearing from some of you!

Diving into PHP: Day 14

It’s been a while, but we’re back with Day 14 of our “Diving into PHP” series. Today, we’ll begin researching OOP techniques. We’ll start with a basic overview of classes and functions, and will then move into some more real-world and complicated examples in future tutorials.


Display Your Recent Envato Items With WordPress and the Envato API

Not long ago, Envato released their Marketplace API. The Envato API is an interface which allow developers to build applications and software that can easily utilize Envato user and item data. One convenient feature of the API is the ability to pull out recent items and products for a certain user. Today, we will develop a WordPress plugin that uses the Envato API to display a list of your Envato items. You will even be able to customize what Marketplace to pull the items from and how many to display! Let’s get coding!