5 Must Have Extensions for Joomla! Administrators

If you’re a Joomla! user you have no doubt seen their huge library of Extensions that let you add various bits of functionality to your favorite CMS. Below you’ll find a list of 5 of the best extensions for Joomla! Administrators.

1) File Management : JoomlaXplorer

This is so far the best and most stable files management extension for Joomla!. You can use it to create new files or folders, move, delete, rename, change permissions, upload files like you’re using FTP program. Even better you can archive and unpack files. Save time instead of uploading many files just upload one zip and use this extension to unpack.

One of the tricks I find very handy is how you can create a .htaccess file when you don’t have FTP details. .htaccess is required to enable Joomla!’s SEF URLs. A default Joomla! installation provides you with a file named htaccess.txt and tells you to rename it to .htaccess if you want to enable SEF URLs. If you tried to edit or rename the file, the extension refuse and gives a permission denied error. You can still create the file by creating it on your local machine, archive it , upload the archive to the root and unpack it using JoomlaXplorer! This trick can save you a lot of time you.

With JoomlaXplorer, you can edit the files with the username and groupname "nobody". These files are a source of headache for most users cause you cannot read or edit it using your FTP. If you want to know more about Joomla permissions, I suggest you check Joomla! Permissions Overview.

Version 1.6.3 comes with a cool Syntax Highlighter mode which works fine on IE and FF but not Opera.

Joomla!Xplorer is compatible with Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5 Legacy mode.

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2) Database Management : EasySQL


An essential tool for every database administrator. EasySQL let you execute any MySQL queries from your Joomla’s backend. The component comes with a group of commands for newbies so even if you’re not familiar with SQL syntax you will be able to use it.

Executing a SELECT statement will return the rows on the selected table and give you the ability to edit or delete the rows easily. You can also insert a new record into any table through a user friendly form. EasySQL feature the ability to export a table to CSV format. It is a must-to-have for any administrator doesn’t have access to tools like phpmyadmin.

EasySQL is compatible with Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5 Legacy mode.

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3) Database Backup : eBackup


eBackup is the only extension which have the ability to restore your backup instantly through Joomla’s backend. Unlike all other extensions which require using a tool running outside Joomla! as phpmyadmin. You can also use eBackup to check, optimize and repaire your database.

eBackup feature an automatic backup scheduler. Set it to create weekly backups -or whatever you want- and it will do all the job! You can also choose to email the backup to a certain address or upload it via FTP. Backup options like (drop, if exists, auto_inc, full inserts) and comressing as gzip. You don’t have to worry if the database is huge, you can specify the maximum execution time for the script to ensure the backup is created correctly

This extension was originally developed for mambo and modified to work with Joomla!. It is not listed on Joomla’s extension website propably for this reason. It is truely a hidden gem and an essential tool for every Joomla! administrator. You can download this extension through the developer’s website.

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4) Cloning : JoomlaPack


Please welcome the latest JED Editors Pick extension, JoomlaPack! It creates a full backup of your site in a ZIP archive. This file contains all your files, the database and an installer that looks similar to Joomla’s installer. You can use JoomlaPack to :

  • Clone your website on another server.
  • Create a full backup of your website.
  • Create a custom Joomla! installer loaded with all your frequently used extensions.

You can select to backup the whole site or just the database. Never worry about the server timeouts, the extension is AJAX Powered! You can exclude specific folders or database tables from your backup too!

You can also use JoomlaPack to save your time. You can create your Joomla! website on your local machine and move it online when you’re done to save time and bandwidth.

Although this extension is really amazing on backing up your site, It lacks a very important feature. The ability to restore your files. I’ll tell you a trick I always used to restore my files… Use the extension to backup your site and save the ZIP archive to the root. Whenever you need to restore your files unzinp it with JoomlaXplorer in a second! Don’t forget to delete the (install) folder after unpacking.

JoomlaPack is compatible with Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5 Native.

Get JoomlaPack

5) Content Management : Mass Content

Mass Content

This is an essential component for everyone starting a website with Joomla! Saves time by creating content items, categories or section faster and creating menu items for these contents too. With this extension you can :

  • Create up to 10 articles on one page with control over :
    1. Meta Description and Meta Keywords.
    2. Access level ( public, registered and special ).
    3. Creation date.
  • Create up to 10 sections and categories on one page.
  • Delete articles, categories and sections.

I used this extension to move a static website with 750+ article to Joomla! in 3 days! Its essential for every Joomla! installation.

Mass Content is compatible with Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5 Native.

Get MassContent


  • I agree with all the extensions, good work, and thanks!

  • zigmat says:

    Stone age is ower. Than why there joomla 1.0 screenshoots?

  • ol' joomla user says:

    what’s wrong with joomla 1.0 ?
    it’s a hel llot faster than the bloated 1.5.

  • jax says:

    I agree :) too fast. It takes a lot of time to understand everything and to use everything in the correct way. Anyway, we can reach other levels. (Love Tech)

  • okinawa says:

    Awesome list, thanks from one Joomla webmaster to another.

  • Finsofts says:

    Thanks a lot my friend this will be rely useful when you trying for a better thing…

  • Darrell says:

    I tried 1.5 and it has a long way to go. It seems that it would be easier for a beginner to learn to use than 1.0.
    But 1.0 has a lot more components, modules, etc. and everything works the first time.
    I have been using ebackup since it came out. I’ve restored many times with it. Anyway if anyone uses ebackup as I do and Google Analytics, make sure the ebackup code is last.
    I found that out tonight, and had to use a backup file that was saved before I installed Google Analytics.


  • mark says:

    Old Joomla 1.x is a LOT smaller, faster and simpler than 1.5x – it’s also a lot more secure than 1.5x (which still has unpatched vulnerabilities)

  • paul says:

    excellent list but i would like to Add Joomla 1.5 is better than 1.0 hands down with teh moo toold libary and also that i think a mention to include Fabrik, it rules!

  • Xang says:

    try also quickcontent component for rapid content creation with J1.5