Watching the Market: 16 Hot Templates

Like any business, being successful depends on a whole slew of things. This includes paying attention to your market and competitors.

You could make a great product, but if there isn’t a demand for it then you won’t make any money. Or, if there is a demand for the type or style of product you’re providing but your competitors offer something better, then you’re in the same situation.

Here are 16 recently approved HTML Templates that have proven to be successful. Click the preview images to see the templates’ details page.

Platino – App Template by Kompulsive

Platino - App Template

This is a clean and simple template aimed at potential buyers who need to sell a product or service. The design takes a bit of a web 2.0′ish approach while keeping things very simple and clean to fit the needs of professionals. The color scheme exudes confidence and professionalism without being intimidating.

Platino - App Template tables

The template also provides a clean and spacious solution for product comparison which many templates don’t include. At the bottom, important information blocks are neatly placed without distracting from the primary goal of the template.

Kompulsive certainly knows how to design with professionals’ and businesses’ needs in mind.

Clean and minimal HTML Template by Guus

Clean and minimal HTML Template

This template takes an approach of super simplicity. It focuses on the business brand and provides plenty of space for information. This would be an attractive template to more buyers than just professionals and businesses though because it’s so simple it would be a great for people who want to start with a good base structure and customize from there.

Clean and minimal HTML Template

The basic elements are included and although providing more of the commonly used HTML elements may have helped sell this template, it has sold well already. As you can see, the market has plenty of demand for templates aimed at professionals and businesses.

This is Guus’s only template so far so I hope we see more in the future. :-)

EZI theme by MarkDijkstra

EZI theme

The EZI theme template is another clean and simple template, great for professionals and businesses. It has several color options and puts a javascript tabbed slider to good use for promoting that’s up front and center for visitors. It’s simple, straight forward and comes off as a no-nonsense design.

MarkDijksra has two templates at Theme Forest so far, both of which have done well.

UltraAdmin Full Control Panel 4 Skins by OXYLUSDESIGN

UltraAdmin Full Control Panel 4 Skins

UltraAdmin is an admin skin with 4 different style options. This admin skin has no shortage of content options and the sales reflect that. Not only does it provide tons of options but it looks fantastic. OXYLUSDESIGN paid a lot of attention to detail in this template and it shows.

If we take a look at OXYLUSDESIGN’s portfolio we can see this author certainly knows there is a demand for not only admin skins but other types of templates.

Corporate Business – Simple Template by jimmyme

Corporate Business - Simple Template

Here we have another template aimed at professionals and businesses. It offers a clean, modern design with multiple layout and color options. Although this is aimed more towards the business crowd, its more modern design might appeal to others as well.

jimmyme is another author playing into the market’s demand of business type templates.

Atlantica by epicera

Atlantica HTML Template

Templates from epicera have proven to sell extremely well, especially the most recent pair, Atlantica (shown above) and Dark Atlantica. Taking a closer look at the template we can see that it is a clean, high contrast design that utilizes “whitespace” very well.

This template provides a perfect example of a strong visual hierarchy all the way through, from logo to copyright information. It uses subtle graphics like the top edge of the template and several background choices as well as some stunning imagery. The typography used is what really makes this template stand out.

Dark Atlantica by epicera

Dark Atlantica HTML Template

epicera followed up the classic Atlantica with Dark Atlantica. The core of the template is essentially the same except this is the dark version with a more playful logo, Twitter graphics and background options. Both of these templates give buyers several background choices. This is a very simple yet effective way of giving the templates a slightly different feel to meet the tastes of more people with a minimal amount of work. Simple and effective.

epicera is an author many of us could learn a few things from to become more successful. This author’s templates target businesses and those looking for blog, portfolio, etc. type designs. They’re versatile and flexible which translates into lots of sales.

Cleanity Complete Admin / CMS Skin by onuro

Cleanity Complete Admin / CMS Skin

As mentioned in “Tips For Creating High Selling Templates“, solving problems will keep you in business and allow you be successful especially when your solution looks great and provides a great selection of options. Take notice of the visual hierarchy and attention to detail (icons, text options, element spacing, etc.).

onuro certainly knows how to solve problems in style and this author’s portfolio lineup of templates and themes shows it.

Memex Business + Portfolio + Blog Template by system32

Memex Business + Portfolio + Blog Template

This template aims at more than just the people in suites. It’s professional but fun and flexible enough to work for a business, blog or portfolio. If you want an example of lots of color options, this template is it. It has 11 different color options! :-)

system32 is another fantastic author who knows the market and provides templates and themes that are in demand.

IdealCorp, professional business theme by YA

IdealCorp, professional business theme

IdealCorp is another example of an incredibly simple design focused on products and information for businesses while using a little web 2.0 looks. It uses nice soft colors that are welcoming but also confident and professional.

YA is one of our newer authors but is already proving to be successful with templates like this.

Black Folio by Devilcantburn

Black Folio HTML Template

Black Folio is creative and unique using split navigation with a centered logo and an “outside the box” javascript slideshow. If you haven’t checked out the slideshow on this one you should, it’s creative and refreshing. This template uses the power of javascript to give it the extra “zazz” we all love seeing along with the great graphics.

Devilcantburn is relatively new to Theme Forest but has quite a few items over at Graphic River as well.

Long Brown Folio by simnor

Long Brown Folio

This template takes a different approach to web navigation. It’s a one page website with a fixed menu at the top. Clicking each link smoothly brings you to the section chosen. It’s a creative navigation method and the template design is simple, strong and effective.

simnor knows what the market wants and delivers “outside the box” templates that are refreshing and clever yet functional and flexible.

Clean and Black Mac Style Software Template by plentong

Clean and Black Mac Style Software Template

This is another template aimed at the business crowd but it adds some nice touches using the power of javascript such as tabbed content and tooltips. It has a great variety of content options with a slightly different layout.

plentong is one of our newer authors already proving to be successful with creative and unique ideas.

Simpla Admin – Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin by ponjoh

Simpla Admin - Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin

Simpla Admin is a simple admin skin using a javascript improved navigation making it more of a pleasure to use and improving functionality. It comes in several different color schemes that all look great. The template is clean and very easy to navigate around, making it a better choice for a client’s admin interface.

This is ponjoh’s first Theme Forest item and has done well. Hopefully we’ll see more items from this author soon. ;-)

Business Forever – business template by tuner

Business Forever | business template

Business Forever is another clean and simple template aimed at professionals and people in need of a portfolio template. The visual hierarchy of sub-pages has a nice and easy eye flow while the home page is a little more product oriented.

tuner is another author who joined Theme Forest relatively recently and is doing quite well so far.

Simple Solutions – Clean and Professional Theme by jimmyme

Simple Solutions - Clean and Professional Theme

Simple Solutions takes a slightly different approach to website navigation making the links look like folder tabs which gives the template a nice feel. Like this author’s template shown earlier in the article, this one also provides a nice web 2.0 design aimed at businesses and creative professionals. However, this template has a slightly softer feel due to rounded corners yet also has a higher contrast color scheme making it feel nice and crisp.

Take a look at jimmyme’s Theme Forest portfolio.

Final Thoughts

Most of the templates here are aimed at the professional business crowd in one way or another and in this market, that’s what is selling quite well. However, as the Atlantica template has shown, there is a big market for creative designs aimed at bloggers, designers who need portfolios, etc.

Many of these templates take a slightly different approach to something like navigation and implement ideas that make them stand out from the crowd. These creative ideas can often be the deciding factor between two or more templates for buyers.

Although the market is obviously hot for business type templates, I encourage authors to step outside the box in their designs and experiment with new ideas. Sometimes those experimental ideas turn into a hit and sell like crazy.

If you aren’t an author at Theme Forest yet then you’re missing out! There’s never been a better time to get started and let’s face it, who doesn’t want the extra money? I mean, it’s out there, all you have to do is go get it! :-D


  • sunny says:

    Great sourcevof inspiration, i like black folio and simple solutions..

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    Great list. I’m trying to make my own theme to put on ThemeForest, and this is giving me some great ideas and inspiration.

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    Great selections! I’m glad that a few Admin Skins made it into this list aswell, because they deserve it.

    Some designs listed here have only been uploaded for a day or so…

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    Very nice post,

    thanks for including my EZI theme!


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  • WorldFamous says:

    What I hope prospective designers notice is the color schemes – an abundance of white, black and blue. Nice, conservative, safe shades that can be used for personal sites as well as for business sites.

    I’ve seen quite a lot of designs that are supposedly targeted to businesses that use nightmarishly bright or neon colors (especially green). Very few (if any) business sites will ever use one of those ‘colorful’ templates – one doesn’t want your customer or client to have to wear sunglasses to view it to prevent eye damage.

    Unless you’re going after a market catering to ravers, keep the colors and the shades basic and simple. Splurge on the design.

  • Samuele says:

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    Great list :-) Would love to have more design flare, great to be a developer but doing the front end development cant get to far without a little design. Thankfully through designers like those featured above I can get on with my work and not have to worry about getting in a pickle about green and orange not working together ;-)

  • Nice list there. While reading it, I’ve been trying to understand what makes a template great and really effective in the long run. I think it all boils down to striking the right balance – between design and usability, between text and graphics, between overall aesthetics and user-friendliness.