There Are More Ways to Make Money With ThemeForest

So you’ve created your first theme and are eagerly checking the site every day to see how much income you’ve brought in. It’s fun, isn’t it? But, there are more ways to make money with ThemeForest than just selling your templates! Have you considered linking to the site from around the web? If you do, 50% of your referral’s first deposit will go directly to you!

How to Get Started

  • Grab one of our banners and place it on your site – or any other for that matter!
  • When a user clicks on the banner, they’ll be taken to ThemeForest (with your unique username in the querystring)
  • If they deposit twenty dollars, ten will immediately be put into your account. If they deposit one hundred dollars, you’ll receive fifty!

The natural tendency is to think, “This is a great way for ThemeForest to get free advertising. I’ll probably never make any money off it.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, I added the banner to my home site a couple of days ago. I’ve already made $25. We’re essentially talking about free money here. *Note – you must be a member to have a unique referrer id. But signing up is obviously free!

“The more you promote, the more you earn!”

To download one of our many banners or to learn more, visit the Referral page.

Be sure to email me at, leave a comment, or post a question in the forums if you have any questions.