Stay in Touch With ThemeForest

ThemeForest has several methods of staying up to date on the newest files and news, including the monthly newsletter, RSS feeds, and our Twitter account. Now we’ve got a new page with everything you need all in one place, including a few new features.

In addition to the existing ThemeForest feeds, there’s now an rss feed for every category! This way, you can stay on top of the file types you care about most. Check out all the new feeds here.

Stay up to date with the latest news, links, community happenings, and chatter on ThemeForest’s Twitter account. We’ll also showcase one great ThemeForest file every day. You can follow ThemeForest, or any one of the marketplace accounts found here.

Weekly Mailouts

There’s nothing more fun than seeing FD’s latest and greatest files. Now there’s a weekly mailout showcasing 7 of ThemeForest’s best, including one featured file. This is in addition to the monthly newsletter, so be sure to sign up separately here.

No matter how you like to get your updates, ThemeForest has an option for you. As always, happy browsing!


  • Marko says:

    Weekly Mailouts are great!

  • Vasili says:

    You wrote FD instead of TF in the second to last paragraph. ;)

  • Travis says:

    That’s uncanny – I was just coming to the website to suggest a twitter or rss feed so I could keep up to date on new temps added. I could be blind but maybe make some links for it on the homepage so people know it’s there…