Links of Note

Master your craft

Like many others, I spend about thirty minutes a day reading over my RSS feeds. Every Friday (Saturday for some of you), I’ll post links to the articles that I found to be especially helpful – when it comes to creating templates. Feel free to include yours in the comments section.

How to Use siFR3

CSS Tricks

Yesterday, in his weekly screencast, Chris showed the viewers how to implement siFR 3 into their websites. Because of his step by step, easy to understand style, you’ll be learn how to use any font you wish in your templates. * But remember, you can only include free fonts in your templates. Important!

A Wonderful Collection of Free Icons

Free Icons

Like everyone else, I’m always in need of high quality icons to use in my templates. Design Float has a list of some fantastic, and free icons that you can use in your themes. They offer everything from RSS to Flickr icons at various sizes. Use these to immediately add some flare to your templates.


CSS Tricks

This is a nice article that outlines some of the key features of a successful theme. It describes the importance of using consistent “layout”, “negative space”, “font selection”, and “color selection”.

I’m always on the look-out for more training. So let me and the others know if you found a considerably helpful resource!