Intellisense Support for jQuery in Visual Studio

I’ve got wonderful news for you Microsoft developers (me included). Early this morning, John Resig and Scott Guthrie announced on their respective blogs that, beginning in a few weeks, all versions of Visual Studio (including the free Visual Web Developer) will include Intellisense support for jQuery. For those of you who already own Visual Studio 2008, you’ll be able to download an update sometime in October.

I’m ecstatic about this decision. Though, I’ll very rarely rely on the intellisense when developing, it’s always nice to have that added feedback and spell checking implemented.

jQuery Sample via Scott's Blog

jQuery Sample 2 via Scott's Blog

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Learning all the different libraries in Javascript can be daunting. For instance, Microsoft’s AJAX Framework implements its own shorthand Javascript. To grab an element on a page for manipulation, you could write the following:

var elementValue = $get("someElement").value;

The AJAX framework uses the “$get” shorthand in place of “document.getElementById”. jQuery, in this case, would be written like:

var elementValue = $("#someElement").text;

I’m digressing a bit; but the bottom line is that this is great news for Visual Studio developers. For more information, read Scott Guthrie and John Resig’s blog postings.

jQuery Sample via Scott's Blog

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jQuery Sample via John's Blog

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  • Don Wilson says:

    This is awesome! I’ve been a Mootools fan for a long time, but with Intellisense and future integration with the ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit, I’m ready to go jQuery!

    Plus, it seems like Mootools is kind of slacking with their demos and documentation.