Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Save You Hours

Web developers are lazy people in some ways. I’m perfectly willing to spend hours and hours learning a new programming language. But God forbid that I have to raise my hand and touch the mouse. I can’t think of many worse things! Today, I’ll show you a few of my most-used keyboard shortcuts when working in Firefox. (*Note – many of these will work in other browsers as well.) Have any of your own? Leave a comment and let us know!

Are you grabbing your mouse every time you want to visit a new site? Bad dog!

Simply press “Option D” or “Alt D”. This will immediately bring the focus to the url field.

Open a link in a new tab

After typing the url, press “Alt + Enter” or “Option + Enter”. This will load the requested page into a new tab.

Ever need to look up a word fast?

Press “Alt D” or “Command L” to focus on the location bar. Then type “dict” followed by the word that you’re looking up. For example “dict satiate”. This will automatically load

Add custom search

Let’s say that you need a way to easily search ThemeForest without having to visit the site and then find the search textbox. Do this instead….

This first time, do it manually.

  • Go to
  • Next click on the Search tab.
  • Right-click inside of the textbox.
  • Select “Add a new keyword for this search”
  • This will bring up a box. Give it any name you wish. Inside the “Keyword” field, give it a short name that you can reference in the url. In my case, I’ve used “searchTF”.
  • Click okay. Now enter a new url. Just type “searchTF corporate”.
  • This will automatically bring up the search results, just as if you had done it manually!


Enter Keyword

Search It

This will work with many sites! I personally use this feature for Google Images, Flickr, Wikipedia, etc.


  • Switch the selected tab: Control 1, 2, 3, etc or Command 1, 2, 3, etc
  • Refresh the page: F5


  • Jhay says:

    I always use Alt+D but I have never tried Alt+Enter. I also use Ctrl+tab for faster switching. Thanks for sharing!


  • Sean says:

    F6 works on PC to focus on URL field. Also hold CTRL or CMD when clicking on a link to load into a new tab. Hold Shift to open a new window.

  • Jeffrey says:

    Nice one. Maybe, after everybody pipes in, I’ll update the posting to reflect the recommendations. Thanks!

  • Joe says:

    As previously stated F6 is an alternative to:
    “Option D” or “Alt D” To focus to the URL field.

    Also Jeffrey, I emailed you about blogging here and you replied, and I wrote back with no response, sorry if im being to eager XD

  • clarklab says:

    The shortcut I seem to use the most is Ctrl + T to open a new tab. Use it hundreds of times a day.

  • Steve says:

    Some more…
    Personal fave: Open last tab closed CTRL-SHFT-T
    Open Downloads mngr: CTRL-J
    Quick open in new tab: CTRL-click

    Firefox Rules!!!!

  • Kevin Montgomery says:

    Command + 9 always opens the last tab.

  • Tom Bamford says:

    There’s also:
    Cmd+Shift+Arrow(left/right) to go through the open tabs
    Cmd+Shift+R to hard refresh the current page (should clear cache, Cmd+R or F5 doesn’t do this)
    Obviously Cmd+F brings up the search field, to close it: just hit esc.
    To quickly reopen the last closed tab: Cmd+Shift+T

    And to go back/forward in hstory:
    Cmd+left/right Arrow

    I haven’t found all of these shortcuts on windows so far.

  • tom says:

    The one I use most is CTRL+Enter that will complete a URL for you for a .com site. For example if you type google then CTRL +Enter you will get the full http://www and .com added on each end

  • Hi great tips …but I tried the alt d and then typed in word I wanted to look up, it takes me to a google page. I did not get “”. I love that one,,,and would use it a lot but what am I doing wrong? Do tell. Thanks

  • Will Dawson says:

    There is a firefox plugin that lets cmd+enter open a page that has been typed in the address/search bar. This helps me a lot since I was using Safari for a while. Now opening a link or address in a new tab uses command not a mix of command and option :)

    Nearly forgot…heres the link. Just click on that and it will ask you to download. Then open the file with firefox and install..

  • Wexx says:

    The three most valuable shortcuts to me are:

    Mouse middle-click on a link.
    This opens up the link automaticly in a New Window/Tab

    CTRL+Shift+T, wich opens up the last closed Tab.

    And offcourse CTRL+T, to open up a clear new Tab.

  • Matt Strange says:

    Great tips! I tend to use Safari as my default browser, the later versions of Firefox seems to be really slow on my Apple.

    Apple + T – Opens a new tab
    Apple + H – Hides the browser

    I regulary hide items, what a time saver i believe the default shortcut in Photoshop is different, but can be changed via the settings.

  • These are great. Thanks. I always was annoyed that shift click opened in new window and not new tab. Never realised that alt click would do the exact thing I wanted. This is great. Alt + D is a good one too. thank you

  • Jason says:

    I have also found that option (apple key) and ~ work to switch between firefox pages, if you are not used to using the tabs. On the Pc its alt and \


  • Sam Doyle says:

    My most used shortcuts in firefox:

    View page Souce: ctrl + u
    new tab: ctrl + t
    switch tab : ctrl + tab
    downloads: ctrl + j
    error console: ctrl + shift + j
    refresh : f5 / ctrl + r

    then the usual ctrl + a/c/v

  • Arjan says:

    To save time by avoiding loosing all text you typed when hitting Cmd-Left in Firefox on a Mac: see “Disable Firefox’s Command-Arrows page jump shortcuts” on

  • juslysiztusty says: