7 jQuery Effects to Sell More Templates

With jQuery popularity on the rise it seems like everyone is jumping on board with the lightweight and easy to learn Javascript framework. When I first started learning jQuery, I had a general fear of jQuery plugins. After all, I was already trying to learn one new thing, could I really handle piling on trying to work with plugins too?

As I soon found out, implementing jQuery plugins is usually a snap. Plus, there are tons of jQuery wiz’s out there and they’ve already done the legwork for you. By using a Javascript framework like jQuery and adding in plugins for any effect I needed, I was able to create pages and templates that seemed way beyond my current talents. And that’s what led me to compile this list. Anyone can use jQuery to produce visually stunning and complex effects with almost no real Javascript knowledge. Below you’ll find a small sampling of plugins and examples to get you started…

Coda Slider

This effect was originally created by Panic, on the site for their web development app, Coda. Since then, its been duplicated countless times in every corner of the web, and with good reason. The effect serves two excellent purposes: hiding lots of content in a single space and loading the different content with a smooth animation and no page reload. Despite its overuse, it always seems well received and instantly adds depth and a definite wow factor to any project.

See the effect: Coda

Get the plugin: Coda-Slider 1.1.1


Cycle is one of the most flexible content cycling plugins available. There are literally dozens of ways you can configure the script. There are numerous transition effects, navigation elements, and with ways to integrate it with other plugins, the possibilities are endless.

See the effect: Cycle Demos

Get the plugin: Cycle 2.23


With a plugin like ScrollTo you can really start change the way people navigate your site. Instead of having links take the user to a new page, you can have the link take them to a new section of your current page all with a smooth animation. The plugin is extremely flexible and allows multiple types of transitions and selectors.

See the effect: ScrollTo Demos

Get the plugin: ScrollTo 1.4.0


Galleria is an image gallery plugin. It loads the images from an unordered list of thumbnails and displays the large image in a central viewing area. The plugin can even make your thumbnails for you and is extremely lightweight (only 4k!).

See the effect: Galleria Demo

Get the plugin: Galleria 1.0


jTruncate is a plugin for easily hiding some extra content. It could be used to automatically clip entries that are too long or to hide something you don’t want to be initially viewable (like a login form)

See the effect: jTruncate Demo

Get the plugin: jTruncate 1.0


Facebox is another lightbox script. Been there, done that, right? Wrong. Facebox is a very flexible, lightweight lightbox, which allows you to not only load images, but divs, remote pages, and alerts. Plus as an added bonus (and as the name suggests) its designed in the familiar and popular style of Facebook.

See the effect: FamSpam

Get the plugin: Facebox 1.2

Inner Fade

An inner fade is one of the simplest ways to fit extra content into a small space. Think of it like a simple slide show;, content just fades in and out on a timer. There are countless ways it could be used: displaying your latest photos, works from your portfolio, or whatever else you might want to slowly cycle through.

See the effect: ClarkLab

Get the plugin: InnerFade

Don’t know a thing about jQuery? Why not review “15 Resources to Get You Started With jQuery From Scratch”.

I hope this short list has opened your eyes to the possibilities of what jQuery can do with even minimal practice. jQuery and jQuery plugins are so valuable to us as designers because of the huge community supporting it. If you ever need help or have questions, there is usually someone who can point you in the right direction or might even have a plugin already completed that does exactly what you wanted.


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