10 Wonderful WordPress Templates That are Setting Trends

Many recent templates on ThemeForest are proving to be trend-setters. Not only are they unique, but they’re also, more importantly, extremely usable. Let’s review just a handful of some of the stand-outs.

Maven: the ajaxified blogfolio in army colors


A portfolio theme you could easily tweak to make it your all-in-one dream homepage. The strongest points are the big description area and the Ajax driven blog previews.

Details | Demo

Varnish: can’t get more social than this


The author says: “Varnish is quite possibly the most customizable WordPress theme on the planet” and he’s not far from the truth. This bad boy has 23 bundled color schemes and is the best choice for a lifestream blog, with three columns full of your multiple social personalities.

Details | Demo

Exehill: dragable boxes FTW


Clean simple theme with 3 color schemes, a You Tube gallery, and – this is the best part – actually dragable Content Boxes. Click on the demo to see how deep can you go in the homepage.

Details | Demo

Stylish Grey: fancy business


This one is perfect if you need to fit as much into your home page as possible.

Details | Demo

Black Aperture: one for the hard bloggers


This one is not for the average let’s-share-some-family-photos type of blogger. In fact Black Aperture is specifically catered for game bloggers, but can be easily tweaked for anything else as long as a dark layout and some rough edges don’t mind you. The third small column is quite handy for a Twitter stream or any other side stuff you like to publish.

Details | Demo

UpTown: the all-in-one glossy pack


Two columns of images and text, a widgetized footer, and a nice menu are enough to share a lot of stuff right on the homepage. Don’t worry; it comes with four-color schemes including blue and green.

Details | Demo

Memex: the clean bizfolio


With Memex you get 11 color options, 4 small page previews, a huge multimedia header and a nice dropdown menu. Nuff said!

Details | Demo

Atlantica: newspaper awesomeness


One of the most fresh & attractive themes on the market, Atlantica successfully mixes the vintage newspaper look with a neat digital touch, offering a lot of things right from the homepage.

Details | Demo

Vanilla: casual corporate


This is a 960 grid system ready theme and fits very well a virtual business card with a lot of information about your company.

Details | Demo

Business Planet: glossy widgetized portfolio


The Business Planet is offering a clean layout with a shiny accordion for featured projects, a small place for your slogan and a four widgets footer!

Details | Demo


  • Steve says:

    WOW – Wonderful is underselling them.

    I am fairly new to blogging and design and these offer some great inspiration.



  • Brandon says:

    Awesome list here – both of Matt Brett’s themes are awesome and get my vote any day. I’m stoked to have made this list too with Atlantica :) Thanks for sharing this set Catalin.

  • Richard says:

    Brandon – Love Atlantica, it’s a great theme and plan to purchase soon for a project.

    But I have a beef with picking Exehill, did they really write anything? It seems like just a giant demo of other peoples Mootools scripts. I haven’t purchased it so I can’t see the backend stuff that maybe they did to get it working with Wordpress but really anyone who is buying that template is only buying it because of the Wiz Bang that is other peoples stuff that’s out there for free.

    I know for myself I am picking up templates mainly for the graphics side that I then manipulate for my project but a lot of what it seems like to me with the templates like Exehill is that they are relying on people wanting the JS that’s not even the original authors. It seems like templates like these are basically a work around to what you said in your PHP/JS post by just taking their use of others code and just hiding it behind some HTML. When you have a little use of JS like you see in most templates that is fine because there is still atleast some good graphics work behind the scenes but this one isn’t.

    I’d hope to see less templates like that one in the future.

  • Hirvesh says:

    Wow, they really are awesome!

  • Elijah says:

    Great list – there’s actually a handful that I’ve purchased and used quite successfully. Matt Brett is an effing beast… I want to interview him for my blog… shhh.. don’t tell him…

  • Doug says:

    Why would you want dragable Content Boxes? Because you can? What does this offer your visitors except a novelty?

  • madmenwalking says:

    I think Exehill is a bit more than just packing mootools into a theme. The theme includes 34 single SELFCODED php files, near 1000 lines of SELFCODED css and about 200 lines of SELFCODED javascript. And don’t forget, also other themes needs Wordpress to work… a other peoples blog script with a massive Jquery use.


  • mixey says:

    My StylishGrey theme is listed here. Thanks! It feels soooo good

  • Ken says:

    I was surprised to find that there are zero politician website templates on Themeforest.net.

    One of the few business sectors that always does well in a down economy is POLITICS!

    Give us some politician website templates. They will sell, I guarantee it.

  • All templates are nice but only the last 2 templates inspired me.

  • Luis Lopez says:

    Excellent i love some of those really, they have a really impressive design.

  • bboy says:

    Did anybody noticed the big trend here?
    Top content carousel is on 95% of them… overdone imo.

    Some are very slick indeed.

  • Nori Silverrage says:

    Richard: Although I agree that Exehill could be more original by not borrowing so many scripts, I don’t see any problem with it. It would be cleaner if they did it themselves, but it is what it is and in order to get them all to work together was probably rather time consuming. Its a little to busy for my tastes but does look rather nice.

  • Jacob says:

    One of the better lists of themes I have seen a while. Thanks.

  • yes, It’s great wp theme. I love them, and they give me some inspiration. thanks,

  • ram says:

    Its happy to see my Vanilla wp theme here :)

  • Mabuc says:

    Matt Brett themes are awesome nice list here

  • Abdul says:

    Great collections for wordpress themes settings. Thanks for sharing information

  • Kate Mag says:

    Wow, those are beautiful themes. WordPress rocks!

  • Great Wordpress theme list, thanks for sharing!

  • Chukki says:

    Very nice Layouts.