New Featured Author of the Week: ReidKnorr

  • Author’s Username: ReidKnorr
  • Member Since: September, 2008
  • Location: Minnesota, United States

How Come?

Few are aware of this, but ReidKnorr was actually the person who inspired the new Specialty pages sub-category. His “Under Construction” template, shown below, has become a huge success as a result!

Portfolio Samples

Vinta SS

“Vinta SS is a simple one page “Under Construction” template that allows you to keep your users informed while you are building a new website. This html template will allow you to quickly and easily create a landing page on a new domain or website project that tells the visitors what is going on and when the site will be completed.”

Element – Backend Admin

“Element Admin is a static html template that can be used as a starting design for your next web application or cms admin template. It includes the necessary elements to give your backend admin section a modern web 2.0 look.”