New Featured Author of the Week: MetaLab

To our American readers: Happy Thanksgiving! But that doesn’t stop us from having a new featured author of the week. Today, we’re featuring a brand new author who has taken it upon himself to jumpstart our Tumblr offerings: metalab

  • Author’s Username: metalab
  • Member Since: November, 2009
  • Location: Undisclosed

Portfolio Sample

Vintage Scrapbook

Design Agency

“Vintage Scrapbook is a whimsical, highly detailed theme inspired by the colours, styles, and textures found in old documents. Along with supporting all Tumblr post types (each displayed with its own unique formatting style), this theme features a highly customizable sidebar space and displays your blog title in a gorgeous distressed typeface.”



“This is a slick theme that takes advantage of many cool effects and CSS animations, works well on narrow screens, and has a fixed top bar. The top bar allows you to have your avatar, blog name, about me, and archive in view while users scroll the page. The number of notes (reblogs/likes) on a post are clearly displayed along with a custom post type icon. A full notes list is also available on the post page.”



“This is a bright, clear, informative theme that allows you clearly display your content while also promoting yourself in other social networks. Like the name says, this is a theme for people that love Helvetica and the readability it offers. As users scroll the page, relevant metadata, such as notes (reblogs and likes) and post dates, are faded in and out as you roll over different posts.”



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