Winners Announced! The Most Incredibly Outstanding Templates.

As most of you know, ThemeForest hosted a fierce competition in January. Our authors competed against one another to win $300 – as well as some helpful promotion on our sister-site, NETTUTS.

After much thought and deliberation, the winners have been selected! Trust me when I say that this wasn’t an easy task – by any means! The quality of the templates this month has far surpassed anything that ThemeForest has previously seen. So without further ado, here are the best ten site templates of January, in no particular order. A huge congratulations goes out to the winners.

  • Live Performance Premium Template

    Live Performance

    “We built the Live Performance Template based on the 960 Grid System ( to suit those in need of a website template for their band, group, comedy tour, venue, or anything requiring a schedule, really.”

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  • Great Portfolio

    Great Portfolio

    “Great Portfolio is a one page portfolio and a very clean template. It has 2 color options to choose from namely, dark blue, and dark brown. It also has a smooth scroller to each menu of the page. Contact Form is functional and ready to use.”

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  • Portfolium


    “Portfolium is aimed at creative professionals including but not only : graphic and web designers, photographers, developers and artists of any kind. It puts accent on your work and features a nice jquery slider on the homepage.”

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  • Coffee


    “This theme is a fixed layout based on 960px grid. It uses no tables for layout. The main page has three columns whereas sub pages have the left-most columns merged.”

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  • Business Portfolio 960

    Business Portfolio 960

    “I built this Business Portfolio template based on the 960 Grid System. It’s one of the few templates on ThemeForest that are based on this system and it’s just one of the many things that makes it unique.”

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  • Ultimate Animated Portfolio


    “This is a complete, fully featured, animated portfolio template that includes two skins, a dark one (black/blue/orange) and a bright one (white, gray, blue).”

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  • Core 3


    “The Core 3 template is very simple, clean and effective. It is incredibly easy to modify and can easily be used for business or personal. Theme coding is very well commented and easy to read.”

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  • Business | Portfolio + Blog

    Business | Portfolio + Blog

    “A stylish design ideal for a web dev company or a business. The design can be modified to work with other types of websites, such as a blog. And you don’t need to worry about fonts! This design uses only one font, I bet you’ve heard about Lucida. I’m draw this illustration (apples).”

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  • Silver Spoon

    Silver Spoon

    “This is a modern template which uses a lot of jQuery and CSS to create great user experience.”

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  • Nothern Lights

    Nothern Lights

    “An amazing colorful and very functional site template that can be used for general business or a sweet portfolio.”

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And there you have it! We considered many factors when making our choices.

  • Practicality: How “real world” is it?
  • Uniqueness: Does this template stand out among the others?
  • Sales: How many sales has this template made, per day?
  • Construction: Does the template validate and follow best practices?
  • Options: Did the author supply different CSS “themes” for each template? Has extra value been added?

Though no one factor cemented our decision, each was considered when deciding. To those of you who weren’t selected: Just remember – we had an EXTREMELY difficult time making our selections. All of your templates were crafted superbly; but unfortunately, we were only able to select ten.

Once again, congratulations to the winners! Wonderful work.

So..until next time!